Matthew 9

It is written here that the beginning of controversy began in the ministry of JESUS. Once HE said “your sins are forgiven”. The problems began with HIM being called a blasphemer because the Jews knew that no one had the authority to forgive sins other than the LORD GOD. However, what JESUS is teaching here is that everyday people can forgive sins as well by the authority of the LORD GOD. The LORD GOD is willing always to forgive mankind of their sins; this is the purpose for JESUS coming. But we can hold ourselves and others prisoners when we don’t release the sin that we have done and the sins that others have done to us. Sin can cause major health problems in our lives; stress is a cause of sin and many suffer in their bodies from it. We can forgive what others have done to us and release the healing power that the LORD GOD has made available to HIS children as well as release ourselves from the bondage of having a grudge against others. Notice how the scripture reads that the multitudes marveled; this is another word for being afraid. Because of this fear they glorified GOD but GOD does not want us to serve HIM in fear. In actuality when the Bible uses the word fear as a term to honor GOD; it actually is saying that we should have the highest respect for GOD knowing that HE has the power to destroy us faster than we can kill a bug. But because of HIS love for us HE is very patient with us. GOD is not sitting in heaven ready to bop us on the head when we do wrong; if that was the case many of us would have dropped dead a long time ago. Some CHRISTians have the wrong idea as what it means to be separate from non-believers. We are not to duplicate what the people of the world do or say; we once did that and we got nowhere. We can speak with non-believers, we can socialize with non-believers, and we can remain friends with non-believers. After all not everyone we know will come to JESUS that we were once friends with and not every member of our family will come to JESUS. Are we to stop loving them or are we to sit in judgment of them? Instead of bible beating friends and family; just be genuine in our love for them. We don’t go along with their sin but sometimes it’s their watching us that will convert them to choose JESUS over the lifestyle that is destroying them. CHRIST JESUS desires mercy; this is compassion towards others. We don’t accept the homosexual lifestyle but we don’t hate the homosexual either. I have homosexuals in my family and I love them just as much as members of my family who are not homosexuals. The only difference of a homosexual verses an adulterer or fornicator is that they have chosen to have sex or someone has chosen for them to have sex with the same sex that they are. Sin is sin and there is no measuring rod as to what sin is greater or less. For a CHRISTian it is a sacrifice to love those that we consider to be so far gone that we want nothing to do with them. But this is wrong sinners are unhealthy people and JESUS came to heal the sick. Are you a liar; a thief; a prostitute; a drug addict; alcoholic then you are sick and JESUS is the doctor. Are you argumentative; lazy; rebellious; disrespectful; racist; prideful? The list can go on and on; so we as CHRISTians cannot separate who we will show mercy to; we are to be compassionate to all in the hopes of winning souls back to the LORD GOD through CHRIST JESUS by our actions or by what we say. When JESUS was questioned about fasting all that HE said was that as long as HE was on the earth there was no need to fast because HE was there to give them what was needed; HIMSELF. Now that HE is back in heaven sitting at the right hand of the FATHER. We are to fast because HE is no longer with us on the earth and we are waiting for HIS return. The woman with the issue of blood is very dear to my heart. I don’t know what caused her lasting blood flow; she may have had fibroid tumors; cancer or something that we may not even know exist. But as a woman who had tumors in my womb and knowing how it can sap you of all your strength; how you bloat up because of the size of the tumors; that you hemorrhage daily month after month or two or three weeks out of the month where you are forced to wear diapers because of the flow. Can take its toll on a woman’s life; during this time frame it was not permitted for a woman to be seen in public or to even rest in the same bed with her husband if she was bleeding. This woman who was wealthy had spent all she had seeking medical help and nothing could be done for her. But she heard of the man named JESUS and against all laws went out from her home; pushed her way through the crowd of people; coming to the place where JESUS was traveling and crawling to grab a hold of the hem of JESUS garment. But it did not start there; you see her healing actually began when she made up in her mind that her healing could only come from JESUS; her faith had been activated; so before she left her home; faith was already working to heal her. By the time she touched the hem of JESUS garment; JESUS knew that although HE was being touched from all sides there was one who touched HIM out of pure faith. HE felt the anointing leave HIS body; the anointing travels towards faith be it tiny or humongous. We have to be in a place with JESUS that no matter what others say we know what GOD is able to do. We are not to focus on the circumstance but see things the way they are. Everyone saw the little girl dead but JESUS saw her as asleep; JESUS was made fun of and just put the people out; HE was not afraid; embarrassed or unsure. JESUS knew that HE is life and without saying a word all HE did was touch the child and she woke up. WoW, check this out; two blind men knew that JESUS was from the lineage of David and rightfully called HIM that. When was the last time you were called son of David; did you even know that we are the sons of David? David is King, JESUS is the rightful heir to the throne of David, JESUS is the KING of Kings, and we are a royal priesthood a holy nation. We could not be Royal unless we become heirs to the promise and have the same blood as JESUS. Also notice how JESUS asked the blind men if they believed; now I don’t know if these men were born blind or if they once had sight and lost it. What I do know is that these men wanted to see; they heard that JESUS heals and believed by the testimonies of what people have said regarding the healings JESUS had already done and the fact that HE also raised the dead. Their belief could not be validated by sight. This should give you understanding that we can’t believe everything that we see and we can’t see everything that we believe. Again it was faith that caused the blind to see. I’m a multiple stroke survivor and I had lost my sight; GOD restored my sight to me and I tell you; it is better to see than to look at constant darkness twenty-four, seven. I don’t understand why JESUS often asked people not to reveal that it was HE who provided healing to them. I don’t know if it was reverse psychology or if HE had another reason in mind. But I know that as for me each time the LORD GOD does something for me through the LORD CHRIST JESUS; I can’t help but blab about it; these men went about blabbing also. I heard someone say years ago that people who are mute are demon possessed; it was based on this scripture. But as I read this scripture it reads that the man was “mute and” which means that the man was not only mute he also had a demon possessing him. The English language we speak it but we don’t understand it; this is why I stress that as for books our best friends are to be the Bible, a dictionary and a concordance. Now when JESUS cast the demon out the man did begin to speak which leaves me to believe that it was the demon that was holding back the man’s ability to speak it was not that the man did not have the ability to speak. In other words the demon gagged the man. Is there an illness that mankind has no cure for that you know a person has or that you have? No big deal; because JESUS will heal every sickness and every disease all we have to do is believe and exercise our faith. There are so many people in many countries of many nations who have not heard the Word of the LORD GOD; you have family members and friends who need to have JESUS in their lives but you may not be the laborer who can get the job done. Pray to GOD for anointed laborers to come and speak to your lost family and friends.  

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