Healing-Malachi 4:2-3



It’s incredibly sad that many people don’t reverence the name of GOD. GOD’s last name is Not damn! The name of the Living GOD is HIS very essence and we are foolish to the point that we will swear by HIS name; use HIS name for profanity; lie on HIS name. This is a dark and lost world that holds no reverence for the Creator of all. The True and Living GOD holds all power and therefore must be revered. HE alone is due the highest honor. Reverence for GOD is to know that HE IS GOD. Reverence for GOD comes on those who truly believe in HIM because of HIS SON JESUS. We will receive individual favor as well as favor on our families. How many of you need a healing in your physical and spiritual being? Well it’s obtained in JESUS and when HE heals you; you are healed. We put confidence in doctors and medications and there is nothing wrong with going to a doctor and getting medication but the healing is not in the doctor or the medication.  No, healing comes from our Living GOD through JESUS alone. I have been told by doctors to go home and die but I listened to them not. I listened to what GOD said to me; I stood on the Word of GOD; HIS faithful promises and I stand here ministering encouragement to those who have lost courage. What I’ve experienced in life I share with you because I have gone to JESUS for myself and gotten the help I needed that no man could provide. There is no disease that JESUS will not deliver you from; there is no sickness that JESUS will not heal. JESUS is the Doctor; the Healer when my flesh gets out of order and I’m in pain; I don’t say that I’m sick because I would be calling JESUS a liar. JESUS did tell me that by HIS stripes I am healed. So if anything I will say that my flesh has this or is going through that. I may have to see a doctor and get some medication but I take the medication called the Word of GOD also and allow that to work on me as the medication for the flesh places a bandage over what is causing me discomfort. Revere JESUS; become righteous in HIS sight; take your healing which is found in HIS wings; get obese in the spirit with HIS Holy Word.

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