Healing – Psalm 30:2

How many of you out there in every country and nation that is either listening to this blog audibly or reading it where you are; have suffered from a sickness; you have an incurable disease; you are blind; deaf; mute or have another type of handicap? Being this way really sucks does it not? When you are sick; you want the sickness to go away; you beg for a healing. You go to your doctor or back and forth to the hospital; hoping for a cure. You may have been diagnosed with an incurable disease or even a curable one such as diabetes or high blood pressure. If you are like me your body has begun to let you down and now you are considered disabled and handicapped. For some people they just accept the cards life has dealt to them and live a happy life with their limits. For others they will spend a great amount of money trying to be cured of what ails them. Then you have those who will live a broken, pitiful and sad life or a life filled with bitterness because they believe that life is over for them because of their limitations in their body. Well, I’ve come with a prescription that if you take it daily; follow its directions; accept its capability for you and believe that this is what you need for what ails you. I promise you (I can do this because GOD promises) that you will have a wonderfully different outlook on who the LORD GOD is and you will share your experience with others. Let me share with you my first experience of GOD’s healing virtue in my life. I unknowingly cut my hand and because it was never tended to in a timely manner; my hand became partially paralyzed. I had surgery and that did not return the full use of my hand. I was introduced to a minister of the gospel who has signs and wonders following his ministry. I use to read my bible asking GOD; why is it that healing is no longer done today? So when I saw the healings taking place and because this is something that I wanted to experience either by sight or personally it was easy for me to believe that what I was witnessing was real. I remember when the LORD GOD told me to get up and place my hand on the speakers of the television; since I was viewing a video tape of this ministry. It was there that the manifestation of healing took place in my flesh. I felt what I believe to be liquid fire running through my fingers; my hand; wrist and arm. Afterwards I was able to open and close my hand; catch loose change in mid-air; feel the touch of others. After this experience; I never looked back and I began to believe that GOD does heal today. Then I witnessed a young man who had aids become totally clean. It’s at this point I made up in my mind that there is no sickness; disease or disability that GOD will not heal HIS children from. HE will even heal a person that does not belong to HIM and in this case that person will come to JESUS in complete surrender. So if you are suffering in your body of anything; go to the doctor and get a diagnosis for your pain. If you have to stay in the hospital; re-hab or nursing home request a bible and look up healing scriptures. If you don’t know how to read your bible for help; then you may want to find a family member or friend that you know is sold out to JESUS and ask them to come help you with locating healing scriptures and prayer. If you don’t know anyone; while in the hospital request an on staff Chaplin to assist you. For those of you who has been given a diagnosis and got to go home; the same applies to you. You have to gorge yourself on scriptures that assures you of GOD’s healing power and that HE wants you to be healed and most of all that you are already healed because JESUS took every sickness and disease with HIM on the cross. JESUS was beaten severally and the wounds that HE suffered in HIS body were for all that the human flesh would experience known and un-known; yet HE tells us that by HIS stripes we are healed. JESUS is not a liar and our pain is real the sickness or disease that our flesh may suffer from is real. But GOD is larger than any sickness or disease and you have to trust that you are healed. Even if your flesh is still in pain; if you still are in a wheelchair and so forth. You have to remind yourself that you are healed and that the set back is in your flesh not the real you; the spirit man. It is during this time that you want to surround yourself with anyone who will speak life in and over your life and not death. I know that I’m healed because I daily walk in my healing. I’m a 3 time survivor of strokes. Because of being a stroke survivor I’ve been diagnosed with PAD which affects the legs. My legs hurt like the dickens but that does not stop me from doing the work that the LORD GOD has given me to do nor does it stop me from believing and encouraging myself or others. I thank the LORD GOD daily for my healing. There are times when I’m with my Pastor and the anointing is so thick that I’m able to do things with my legs that I know under normal circumstances I could not do. There have been times when I’ve taught GOD’s Word before a congregation and the anointing was thick in the atmosphere and again my legs did what a person in their twenties can do. Then when the anointing has left; my legs ache and I have to rest them. Have I discredited GOD’s Word or HIS promises; not at all. On earth I’m labeled disable and handicapped (which is not so bad when it comes to parking) but in my life and in heaven and according to the Word of GOD I am healed.  A few years ago I was told by several doctors that a surgery I needed could not and would not be performed because I would die due to the many problems that are in my flesh. I refused that diagnosis and kept looking for a surgeon who would perform the surgery and kept saying to myself that I will live and not die. GOD is not finished with me and I still have a great work to do. The surgery was performed; I recovered in hours and weeks versus months or a year. And I guess by now you can tell that I’m not dead but alive to accomplish what GOD has for me to do. This is not a Polly Anna personality this is a faith, factual, realistic life for me. Listener or reader of this blog; you too are healed; now walk in that. 

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