Healing Testimony of Elder Shawn

Of the many names that I know my GOD has and has shown HIMSELF to me as. I would like to write about HIM in the form of HEALER.

In 1989 I was attacked by my former husband and the result was an injured right hand. After surgery, I no longer had feeling on the top of my hand; I could not hold anything small because I could not close my hand. I could not write well or for long without agonizing pain. The palm of my hand still had feelings. In 1995 while at work I attended a Bible Study group as I often did once a week. But this particular day would change my life. We watched a video where healing prayers were being invoked by an Evangelist. I was totally absorbed by what I witnessed. As the hour came to a close, the class returned back to their jobs and I remained there in the class room because the video had not completed and because GOD wanted me to. I heard the Holy Spirit usher me towards the television and instruct me to place my injured hand on the speaker of the television. The next thing I remember was standing up with my right arm straight up in the air and my hand clutched closed tightly. A Christian brother remained with me (unbeknownst to me) and witnessed the entire healing process. When I took notice that my hand was closed and felt as if it was stuck in fire, I immediately asked my Christian brother for all the loose change that he had in his pocket. After he gave it to me, I threw it up in the air and caught each and every coin without dropping a one. I began to praise my HEALER in the Spirit as I watched my Christian brother watch in amazement. When I calmed down enough for him to speak with me, he told me what he witnessed. My hand had been restored to normal. Yes I continue to bear the scars but when people ask me about them I tell them the horror and then I tell them about the HEALER.

In 2000 I began having migraines like never before, I’ve suffered with migraines since I was a teen-ager but this was not something that I was used to. I would go to the Dr.’s once a month, then twice a month, then once every two weeks, once a week and finally daily. I was given all sorts of medication and shots but nothing helped. My finger-nails began to fall from their cuticle beds, my limbs grew heavy and at times numb. My face, hands and feet would often tingle. There would be times when I know that I was at work and somehow woke up in the hospital. My co-workers would tell me that they would speak to me and I would seem as though I did not know them. I would call my Dr. informing the office that I taste metal in my mouth and then I was asked to come into the office immediately. However, I would be sent home. With the taste of metal growing stronger in my mouth day by day I went to my Dr. not knowing that while driving to her office I had, had a stroke. The intake nurse who grew to know me immediately did not recognize me. I was rushed into the Dr.’s office and was told that an ambulance had been called for me but traffic was so bad that the ambulance was having trouble getting there. Great time had passed and finally my Godmother was called and she got me to the hospital. I was admitted. During this stay I lost my sight and was diagnosed with IDH/PTC. I temporarily lost my sight, my face drooped on one side, my speech was slurred, my concentration is not strong nor my memory (short term) and my right side became weak. I am taking medication that I must take to control the IDH/PTC but my HEALTER stepped in and restored my face back to normal, my speech became clear again. The scars that I bare my right side is weak, my concentration and short term memory is weak. From 2000-2003 I had a stroke a year and no one can look at me and detect that I am a stroke survivor, let alone 3 time survivor.

In 2003 the last stroke did take my vision and I was diagnosed with severe low vision and legally blind. I needed the assistance of a cane and this was to remain the remaining of my life. My Godmother took me to church and while I was there the HEALER delivered me from this sentence of blindness. I began to pray for others. Then my Godmother got my attention and asked me if I could see? I answered her thinking what a strange question, and then it dawned on me that I could see. We praised GOD until we dropped with exhaustion.

In 2005 I began having problems with my back, nothing to be concerned about at first. But as time passed by into 2006 my legs and back began to give me problems. I went to a Dr. and nothing could be found to cause the problem. 2006 my feet began to hurt and swell, my legs would grow weak and at times I would fall. In 2007 my body would swell and I had begun to ache from my shoulders to my feet. I would spend weeks in the bed from the pain and the swelling. I often would stumble and fall and my right hand would shake uncontrollably. It got so bad that my active life had to become inactive and I spent all my time in Dr.’s office. 2008 my daughter had me rushed to the hospital where I was admitted and told that I had many cysts within my uterus and this was the cause of my great pain and swelling that I was experiencing. After being discharged from the hospital from Sept. 2008 thru Sept. 2009 I would be told that I have fibroid tumors, 2 very large, 9 mediums and 2 small. Action needed to be taken to relieve me of this but nothing was ever done. I expressed to my Dr. with each visit that I was in lots of pain, that I was hemorrhaging and that my body was suffering from the swelling and pain in my entire body. I was consistently debated with because I was so weak from exhaustion. Due to the pain and swelling I did not have the fight in me. Until GOD gave me the strength to stand up to the Dr. and let them know that enough was enough. I need a full hysterectomy and if you don’t do it I will go over your head or find me a Dr. who will. GOD gave me the words; GOD gave me the stamina to stand my ground without becoming my old self. Once I was heard the ball began to roll and within 3 days after information had been gathered about me a date of surgery was given. I had my surgery within the same month. 24 hours later I was up and walking on my own, my stomach had gone down and I was not in pain. 48 hours later I was home walking all around the place. 10 days later I went shopping and 13 days later I walked 2 miles. Each day I grow stronger and each day I give my HEALER thanks for what HE has done in me.

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