When or because the FATHER, JESUS, and the Holy Spirit live within us, we will be wonderfully ruled by HIM. JESUS will govern us and the Holy Spirit will cause us to stretch out in faith, we will strain in hope as we trust in the promises of the FATHER.

It will be impossible for us to live in confusion and or doubt when we place our full trust in what the Word of GOD informs, and allow the ruling of JESUS who provides us with an inner peace that cannot be explained. As we walk with JESUS we have an inner calm that regardless of how things look or what is being told to us by outsiders, we remain calm and serene.

When we allow JESUS to rule within our hearts, we surrender to HIM the controlling factors so that we will not have to deal with them. The Holy Spirit teaches us all about JESUS and when we listen to His guidance we will not suffer from the spirit of depression, stress, and oppression. JESUS does not need our influence to decide and settle issues and or questions in our life, He is well able to conquer what we go through. It’s our interference when we do not surrender to JESUS that places us in unforeseen binds and mishaps. Some of which we may not be able to reverse after making a decision.

We have been called to a peace that we are not able to explain, yet, we know that we live in that peace. It’s a constant peace, not an emotion that comes and goes based on how we feel or what we are dealing with. If you are a true believer, you must allow JESUS to become LORD over every part of your life. We are not successful by straddling the fence of giving to HIM only parts of our life. When we trusted HIM in our salvation conversion, we believed in HIM for that, we believed that we are forgiven of past, present and future sins. We made HIM LORD of our salvation, but we did not make HIM LORD of our mind, soul (emotions) and body. We did not make HIM LORD over our decision making, finances, and health.

Every part of our being must be saved and entrusted to JESUS. When we do not give JESUS rule over our entire being we operate in the spirit of pride. Remember, pride was the downfall of lucifer.


Colossians 3:15


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