Exalt Pt. 10

exalt JESUS through heartfelt prayer

Matthew 23:39

I have the heart to see every member of my clan/family/tribe come to the revelation knowledge of CHRIST JESUS. And every member of the body of CHRIST should want the same. We are to pray for those who are related to us by blood and DNA near and far, whether we know them or not and we are to pray for and speak to those who we know and see. When we speak to family first then we can speak to those who are not a part of our family such as our community/neighbors or as the Holy Spirit leads.

Our command from JESUS is that we are to go and make disciples, which means that we are to invite people to JESUS, not Bible thump them to death. We are to share the revelation knowledge that we have of JESUS through our experience with compassion, love, and mercy. Not legalize JESUS, not shame those who we are speaking with, not fault-finding, pointing out, or reminding people of their sins or that they are a sinner. They already know this. What people are looking for are those who truly exalt JESUS from the heart. Religious people without a revelation relationship with JESUS their temple will fall into ruins said the LORD JESUS. What this means is that legalized, Mosaic law prompted, non-revelation proclaimed Christians will be destroyed because of their nonexisting faith in CHRIST JESUS. People watch people and the reason why so many people that we pass by daily have not come to JESUS is based on what they see and hear from Christians who are not in a relationship with JESUS in their lifestyle. JESUS is attractive in all HIS ways. And we are to show the attractiveness of CHRIST JESUS in all our ways as well.

Everyone needs to be loved, everyone wants to be loved and no person on the planet can love people better than CHRIST JESUS does. HIS love for people is not only unconditional but is incomprehensible. Ninety-nine percent of people love their parents, spouses, and children unconditionally but those same people who love, their love can be comprehended. The love of JESUS towards all people just does not make any sense to the minds of people. Is this not a great reason to exalt JESUS?!

JESUS has a desire to put HIS arms around all the people and not only hug us but when HE places HIS arms tenderly around people it is comforting, loving, protection, security, and welcoming. This is the desire JESUS has for people. But some people will not allow HIM to hug them. Not so much as to just deny HIM of this action but because of what they have heard and seen by people who are representatives of JESUS who have pushed people away from JESUS with their ignorance of JESUS. This is because their temple is abandoned and empty of JESUS. What they have in their temple is a form of JESUS, the Mosaic law, religiosity, and void of the compassion, forgiveness, love, and mercy that we need to attract people to JESUS. If those who proclaim to be Christians do not truly come to JESUS by faith in their hearts they will never see JESUS until they say, “GOD Bless JESUS who comes in the name of the LORD GOD”.

So, I write as my heart opens its mouth and say GOD Bless JESUS who came, who comes, and who will come [return] in the name of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.


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