Help begins at home

2 Corinthians 8

How many of you see the real need that others have right in the congregation where you sit? I believe that we can be conquerors of poverty within our own house if we grasp how we are to be a help to one another right in the building of faith were we attend our weekly or bi-weekly faith and worship service. I’m tired of seeing my brothers and sisters of my like faith suffer day by day; week by week; month by month and year by year. I’m not what the earth may consider wealthy but I am in a position to be a help to someone who is in need of real, true help and not boast about what I’ve done. Each and everyone of us have had or are going through a major trial in our life. Some of us are desperately poor and yet we seem to understand the true meaning of joy given to us from our heavenly FATHER through HIS Holy Spirit. And this friend is called the overflowing joy of wealth in generosity. Only those who completely understand what it means to love and encourage from within the house before being able to help others outside of the home will grasp this blog today. Week in and week out we hear about giving tithes. Yet, we never hear about giving to those in need within our means and beyond if we can help beyond. What does it take to help those who are less fortunate than we are? Well that all depends on the situation. First, we must truly listen for and to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Some of us hear Him speak to us to be of help and will do nothing because we will not be recognized or because we think that we have nothing to offer. We look at ourselves first and say; phfft, I need help myself. When we have first given ourselves over to the LORD GOD it’s not with conditions but it is unconditional. Studying the Word of GOD is a surety that what comes across the pulpit is either correct or in error. Sometimes what is being given to us from the pulpit is garbage and I have walked out on many ministries that broke down a scripture or preached in error for their own selfish gain. If we really want to learn how we are to help each other and be conquerors of poverty we can learn from this chapter. The apostle Paul explains to us how we are to be there for each other in the house first. I’m still looking for someone; anyone to explain to me why is it that we are so very eager to help the wealthy or to go outside of our home be it the building of faith where we worship the LORD GOD or our own country? (Send me a comment or an e-mail with your answer.) It makes perfect sense to me that once we have given ourselves over to the LORD GOD that we would want to be in compliance with HIS full will for each other. I also know that we have those who sit right in the same congregation with us who have a special anointed gift to help. Not looking for praise but to fulfill the will of the FATHER. Those are the people who are feeling misplaced because they are not being taught how they can fulfill the ministry that has been placed on their lives. They give and give and give to others or help purchase the pastor a new home or vehicle and yet they may not be able to pay their next electric or gas bill. Many of us don’t like to tithe because there is that still small voice that tells us that the money is being misappropriated. Some ministries have had a building fund for years and years and no one has seen a new welcome mat placed at the entrance of the door. So in all this abuse to our hearts and wallets; we have grown weary in our hearts but don’t understand the real reason as to why we think the way we think. We don’t think to search out the scriptures for our answers; instead we just grow cold to helping or helping amiss. Titus is a good person to study when it comes to charity. Titus was an honorable man who was anointed with the gift of charity. He was always able to go here and there to gather aid for those in the body of CHRIST who are less fortunate. It’s understood that just as we learn to excel in our faith, speech and knowledge; that being diligent to love not only in word but in deed towards our brothers and sisters who are destitute. Paul was clear that he was not commanding anyone to help another but that it was only a test to confirm our geniuses in faith and love for the LORD JESUS. The LORD JESUS never saw a need and not provides a comfort. After all if we are to follow the example of anyone; shouldn’t we follow the example of CHRIT JESUS? There are some faiths who take a vow of poverty because they truly believe that CHRIST JESUS was poor when in truth HE was far from that. Why would anyone have a treasurer if they were financially poor? All HE had; HE gave and HE was blessed with far more. I know people who clean out their closest because they know as they give to those in need they receive far greater. There are people who desire a new car but before they purchase a car they must give their present car or purchase a car for someone who is in great need. When they share their testimonies with others of what the LORD GOD has done in their lives because of the anointing to give; there is always someone sitting back burning with envy or will say did GOD tell you to give to me. Those are the ones who are poor in faith of the LORD GOD and will not receive because they maybe the ones that are to be a giver as well. We are to be eager to help and to complete our charity to another with all eagerness. We are blessed by what we have to give not by what we don’t have to give. A little is much in the hands of CHRIST JESUS. Look how the widow gave all that she had and those before her and afterward gave much; yet, JESUS counted hers far more worthy and she is the one who received the greater blessing. When we give with pure motives what we have to help another expect reciprocity greater than what you have given. Motives are the key; where is your heart? “but when they put it in an ‘omer-measure, whoever had gathered much had no excess; and whoever had gathered little had no shortage; nevertheless each person had gathered according to his appetite; Exodus 16:18”. What a word; our DADDY will not see us lacking when we help others out of a pure heart. Those who truly have a work for the Good News is praised throughout all the congregations. Then you will win favor and esteem in the sight of GOD and of people. I don’t know about you but as long as I have won favor with my DADDY who is GOD; I really don’t care if I have favor with people. Yet, when the LORD GOD most high places favor in our lives; it’s impossible for people not to recognize that we are truly blessed by the most high GOD.

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