JESUS bore the sins of the world upon HIMself and the punishment was that HE be perforated; which means that HE was pierced for us. HIS body was penetrated by the nails and the spear which made round holds in HIS body. Visualize what JESUS did for you so that you do not need to suffer in the manner in which HE did for us. When you read the bible verses below take that in. JESUS took all and every disease and sickness unto HIMself on that cross.

JESUS exposed HIMself to the curse of death, HE was counted among the sinners though HE was sinless. We are told in the Word; John who is a man of love that in JESUS is no sin; by Paul the intellectual that JESUS knew no sin and by Peter a man of action that JESUS did no sin. JESUS bore the sins of the world and HE intercedes for us all who are offenders. Many people do not believe that people are demon possessed today but many are and they are very recognizable if we will only get into the Word of GOD so we may see that there are various levels of demons within people. Some do not bother other people or reveal themselves at all times and then there are those that we actually see day by day but because the people are not convulsing, throwing up or their head is not spinning as we have viewed on television or in the movies at the theater, we don’t recognize that we live in our homes with people who are demon possessed, work among them, attend school with them, sit by them in our local assemble (the church building) and socialize with them, accepting the demonology that has become law in our court systems. Not only did JESUS drive out demons with HIS authority in the Spirit of GOD, but HE was attacked by demons on the cross. HE bore that for us. JESUS bore the beatings, the unjust trial, the lies, the persecutions in the Temple Court because the underworld/hell/darkness was in charge for that moment. JESUS bore this for us. JESUS was in turmoil. JESUS bore that for us. We must be convinced without doubt or reservation that because of what JESUS bore on our behalf that nothing; not death, not what we go through in life; angels (demons, fallen angels); satan who is the ruler and prince of the air; not by any negative tribulations that we are experiencing now or what is coming in our future; don’t be influenced by the dark powers of the air or below us; nothing created has the power to separate the child of GOD and HIS love for us which is coming daily saturating us in HIS life through JESUS our LORD MESSIAH. You see we react rather than being proactive because we either do not know or we forget that we are not struggling with humans because those humans who are blood washed are being influenced by the Holy Spirit and those humans who are not blood washed are influenced by demons. We do not know or forget that in this earth realm there is a ruler who is the prince of the air and he has authority and power which he governs the darkness of this world. The world is not saved, it is cursed we don’t know this or recall this to our memory. Beloved children of the Most High GOD we are actually dealing with evil spiritual forces in the heavenly (air). However, remember that JESUS stripped satan and his demons of their power and he can only operate when we give him power by our words and actions. JESUS bore and made a public spectacle (showed off, put on exhibition, presented, to be seen by the eye); JESUS is victorious because HE endured the cross on our behalf.

JESUS took on HIMself all of our weaknesses and diseases, HE carried them away, those that we know by name and those that we do not know by name. So when we go to our medical doctor and the diagnoses is crucial or non-crucial in our hearing and heart. Know that if you are blood washed that you are healed regardless of what is attacking our flesh. Go home and get into the Word of GOD and stand up against it by recalling that every disease and weakness that attacks us was and is placed on JESUS on that cross and that you are healed and refuse to take the disease and the weakness. Be bold about that confession and don’t stop until it becomes second nature to the point that the disease and weakness departs. And, if for some reason it does not depart, stand on the Word of GOD because you are healed no matter what the flesh is being attacked by. Remember, the real you is a spirit, not flesh. Remember when I wrote above that some demons are violent and recognizable? This is great for us to recall or know; demons recognize the anointing and light within us and just as they spoke and were fearful when they saw JESUS this is the way they are with us as well. They become agitated because they are aware that their time will come when they will be forever done away with as taught to us in the book of Revelation. When they are around us they should see JESUS within us and tremble in fear and want to get far away from us. We must recognize that when demons are comfortable around us who are blood washed we must investigate our life in CHRIST. Never compromise with the world of darkness, evil and sin. We are healed because HE bore our illnesses; we have been delivered from the influence of the devil and his demons because JESUS bore their torment. Are demons falling down around us screaming that the SON of GOD is present before them? I know that I’ve not experienced that but that does not mean that I’m living a habitual life of sin; what I have experienced, however, is that demons do become agitated around me and move away from me. Look, every sickness and disease has a name whether we know their names or not and JESUS bore them all in HIS body so that we will not have to suffer from them. Lay hands on yourself and be confident enough to lay your hands on those who are suffering in their flesh from a disease or sickness when you are being directed by the Holy Spirit to do this. Use your hands and know that under the anointing those are no longer your hands but the hands of CHRIST who is operating in you and you and those you lay hands on with confidence that you and they are healed. You know, satan is crafty, skulking (lurks in concealed spaces), cowardly, oily, slimy and slick and will use whoever is available to be influenced by him. JESUS is a never changing GOD and HE drove demons out then and HE is still driving demons out of people and places. JESUS accomplished all HE came to do once and for all so we must live our lives in complete boldness and victory because HE conquered everything when HE bore everything for us.

This video is by Joseph Prince I do not have the rights to it but I am thankful for the ability to share this with you. Thank you, Pastor Joseph Prince and New Creation Church.

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