Faith Series XIX

AMFBeM Newsletter

June 29, 2020

Righteous Faith

Romans 4:5, 16; 5:1-2


Oh wow, here the Holy Spirit goes again to upset the religiosity that most people depend on. So many of us have been taught that we must join this or that, we must do this or that all in order to prove our devotion to GOD. Well, as plain as the nose on your face is this is not true. That teaching goes back to the days of the Israelites in their receiving those six hundred and thirteen laws which no one was able to keep perfectly. They had to work to prove their devotion to GOD but through CHRIST JESUS all we need do is believe in HIM. No one is able to get right by following the law it is only our trusting in CHRIST that will make us right with the FATHER. When we change our mind to trust in JESUS because we want to be made right in GOD then and only then will we be made right because of our trust in HIS SON, JESUS. Our salvation comes from the grace of GOD through JESUS which is our personal gift from HIM because no matter how hard we try we cannot save ourselves from sin and sins. There is nothing that we can do other than changing our minds which is repentance and believing in our hearts which will cause us to confess with our mouth that CHRIST JESUS is just who HE is. This is how we will be accepted and acceptable because our faith in CHRIST makes us right with GOD. CHRIST alone is the only One who can make evil people right. So, if you work to show yourself approved and you are evil you remain so but when you rest in CHRIST that will show others that you are the righteousness of GOD through CHRIST JESUS. Ah, grace, I do not care how many gifts that we may receive in our lifetime, nothing is better than that gift of grace which keeps on giving, keeps on supplying. We are made right with GOD the FATHER our CREATOR all because of HIS grace. This is our free gift why would anyone refuse to accept a gift unless we know that there is an evil motive attached to it. I make this statement because I have refused gifts from people before all because I knew that there was evil associated with it. But positively it is impossible for GOD to be evil nothing at all about HIM is dark because darkness cannot live in HIS presence. GOD is all light, love, mercy, forgiveness, healing, deliverance, and a continuous overflow of various attributes that HE desires to bestow onto HIS people/children. Those of us who have decided to repent/changed our mind so that our heart could be circumcised were made anew from sin this time in CHRIST JESUS. What we need is impossible for us to obtain through efforts of working for what we need. Yet, GOD has made the impossible, possible through CHRIST JESUS once we have placed our trust in HIM. JESUS is the only One who can set us from our prison and lead us out of the darkness.

  • Dear reader, coming to CHRIST JESUS will give you access to the FATHER only because you belong to HIM through faith in HIS SON, JESUS the CHRIST. Our justification, peace, and access to GOD are by our faith in CHRIST JESUS. Are you aware that justice brings to us eternal peace and safety? I do not believe so, and here are my reasons. Being a child of the Most High GOD does not keep us immune from some of the troubles that we will face in this world, stop believing that nothing will touch you or your family. Crises do come and or will come our way but what we must understand is this; our peace is in CHRIST JESUS, we can and we will be brave during our tough times because we believe to the point of knowing that JESUS has already defeated the world. Hallelujah! Maybe one of the reasons that you have a difficult time grabbing ahold of this truth is this; you do not know or you do not believe that JESUS did the following. JESUS was punished for what you did and for what I did. 
  • JESUS flesh was crushed because we were the ones guilty of crimes, not HIM.
  • JESUS took the punishment that we all deserve and because HE did that for you and me, we received HIS peace.
  • JESUS gave us healing because of all the pain HE went through for you and me. So, why do we call what is attacking/trespassing on our flesh my this or that? As long as you continue to call it yours, you will keep it because you have taken ownership of it.

GOD has spoken, HE has sent to us the Good News that peace has come through CHRIST JESUS the LORD of all people. JESUS the CHRIST is to those who believe in HIM our reason for having peace because HE made those of Jewish blood and those without Jewish blood all one people. We were once separated by a wall of hate that stood between us but JESUS broke/tore that wall down by giving to us HIS body. Now because HE did that between the Jewish and Non-Jews why are people still living in ignorance of racism due to skin coloring? Because it is an outward demonstration of sin. Sin causes all manner of sinful actions.


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