Holy Spirit – Luke 3:22

And the Holy Spirit descended in bodily form like a dove upon HIM, and a voice came from heaven which said, “YOU are MY beloved SON; in YOU I Am well pleased.”

Right here is a great visual to show the Holy Trinity. JESUS is being water baptized by HIS cousin John the Baptist. It’s here that we have to give up keeping GOD in a box or within our own limited way of thinking. GOD cannot be contained fully in one place. HE’s just too much GOD to contain anywhere. The Holy Spirit which is the actual Spirit of JESUS; descends in the body form of a dove. The dove which is the symbol of peace sits on top of JESUS. Then the voice of the Living GOD begins to speak from heaven and everyone hears HIS voice. It’s not a still small voice but an audible voice so that no one who is there will get it wrong. John the Baptist has been witnessing about the arrival of JESUS for many years; told the people who HE is and what HE will do. John knew that within himself; he was not worthy to baptize JESUS. But JESUS will always show the continuation of doing what is right without having to take over what is already not broken. See JESUS had no sins to confess because HE was and is sinless. So HIS baptism was a foreshadow of what was to come in HIS earthly life. This water baptism is the outward expression of the cleansing that will take place inwardly once JESUS is accepted personally within our lives. The burial within the water is an expression that we must die to self and be buried. The rising from the water is the confidence that we are to rise again just as JESUS arose from the grave. So now that we see the significance of the water baptism. Let’s take a look at the dove. The Holy Spirit could have taken on any form but the significance of the dove is peace. Remember how when Noah was searching for dry land after the rains; he let loose a raven and because ravens are scavengers; meaning that they will eat anything and will hover around death. The raven did not return. But when he sent out the dove the dove returned with an olive branch which means that not only is there a dwelling place but there is life. This brought about peace within the lives of the Noah family. They will soon be able to leave the boat and dwell on dry land. There was vegetation for them and the animals to eat. Noah and his family brought two of every kind of animal and insect but they did not leave with two of every kind of animal and insect. The law of being fruitful and multiply did not cease on the boat. So when we think about CHRIST JESUS we often associate HIM with peace. Now the voice; which was the FATHER speaking telling all who was around that JESUS is HIS SON; HIS One and Only Begotten SON; HIS Beloved SON. See there is a difference in having a begotten child and having many children. JESUS came directly from the Living GOD. When you take a read of John 1, you will find that JESUS is called the Word and that HE has been in the beginning from the beginning. HE is not created, HE is the creator. Now hold on to your wigs; the Living GOD took some of HIS essence and had the Holy Spirit place HIMSELF into the womb of Mary the wife of Joseph. Here is where HE would take on humanity the requirement is flesh. But JESUS did not have any human blood from HIS earthly father because HIS earthly father was HIS step or adopted father. JESUS was never formed or shaped in iniquity because Joseph never had a hand in HIS DNA. However, Joseph was entrusted by the Living GOD to raise JESUS as his very own son. To name HIM with the name that HIS FATHER wanted HIM to have so that many would know who HE is. Unfortunately sin will blind us to the truth. Moving on, what women provide to their unborn child is not sinful because sin never came from a woman but a man. However, women are just as affected by sin as men are because women and men alike are planted by human men within the womb of a woman. So the Spirit of JESUS was always Holy and dwelled within JESUS. The Holy Spirit cannot be contained either in one vessel; after all John the Baptist was filled with the Holy Spirit from his mother’s womb once he heard the voice of Mary speaking to his mother. John was saved while still in the womb of his mother. You go Holy Spirit! Also, I know that I’m filled with the Holy Spirit and I’m certain that this blog will be read by some who are filled with the Holy Spirit. So this is great proof that the Holy Spirit cannot be contained in just one vessel. So HE cannot be considered strange that the Holy Spirit would take on the form of a dove and sit on JESUS as a witness. But don’t get off course here; that was a onetime deal. The Holy Spirit does not inhabit animals HE inhabits people. After all JESUS promised HIS Holy Spirit to people not animals. So in one place the witnessing of the trinity was made known to all who was there. The FATHER, the SON and the Holy Spirit.1 John 5:7-8



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