How can I stop following the crowd?

Human beings need to know that they are loved and wanted. They need encouragement rather than constant rebuke. When people don’t receive praise or positive acknowledgment and self worth at home; they will begin to look for it outside of the home. Remember that we are created in the image of GOD. GOD desires that we praise HIM and because we are created in HIS image we look for praise from those who love us; namely our family. We are to build each other up with helpful words that will benefit the listener. When we are praised for who we are by our families the need to look for acceptance of others are not required. We can become the greatest success but it means nothing when we don’t have our families in our corners cheering us on. People thrive from positive enforcement; just think for a moment. When we don’t encourage our children, praise them for doing great things, tell them that we love them and that they are beautiful. Where will they go for acknowledgment but away from the home? Gangs are strong because they provide each other with what is missing in the home; acceptance, acknowledgment, company. Everything that a gang stands for is negative but they tell each other that they love each other although it’s warped and not true because they will kill each other or leave you for dead if they have to. They encourage each other to do wrong acts by letting the individual know that they will be respected and untouchable. They call each other family but let one go to jail and the family does not visit or supply their account with money so they can make necessary purchases. So how can we stop ourselves and others of our family from following the wrong crowd? Find out who we are in GOD’s sight; know that the promises made by JESUS are legit. Words are powerful, speak life to each other; you would be surprised of the impact that it will cause.  

Proverbs 10:11

1 Thessalonians 4:18

Romans 15:5

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