The Hand Of The LORD

Ezra 7:28

I was encouraged, as the hand of the LORD my GOD was upon me.

We all have or will experience discouragement sometime, none of us are exempt from being told or from seeing anything unexpected. However, how long we choose to remain discouraged, well that is altogether another thing.

Encouragement can be found anywhere. How do I know this? Because all of us either have one of these devices, or multiple devices or can get to a place where we may be able to utilize any of these devices. They are but not limited to the following: television, laptop, personal computer, cellular telephone, and smartwatch.

Everything that is listed above can be used to our advantage for good or evil. All electronic devices can be utilized to our advantage by tuning them to our favorite ministry broadcast channel found on CBN, DayStar, GOD TV, TBN, The Word Network, and many other channels that can be discovered in the hope of receiving “GOD’s Truth”. Electronic devices can also be utilized to view clean and wholesome comedy programs, or films such as are found on PureFlix, or family-based television such as found on Family TV.

Then we have the best of who GOD has given to us and that is people. All people are evil from birth due to sin. But not all people exhibit sinful tendencies though they are within us to do. For example, a person can be a non-believer in CHRIST JESUS for his/her entire life and accomplish wonderful things for the betterment of people and will still die and enter hell and the lake of fire.

That should be discouraging information to know. However, what did I write in that paragraph that shows us encouragement? That a sinful person can accomplish wonderful things for the betterment of people is the answer you are looking for.

We all know someone who can bring out laughter within us or who has an enate ability to encourage others. Those are the people who we should want to be in the company of often. But if the only person we may know of who has this ability is a sinner, then just as we need what that person has, we should desire to share with them what we have and that is JESUS. There must be a supply of exchange going on between people to become better people in the hope of helping others to become better people.

As children of the Living GOD, we are different from those in the world because we have the hand of our GOD always on us. This is encouraging! We are everywhere on television, on the radio, in your residential community or neighborhood, in schools, and in places of employment. We can also be found in your favorite restaurants or fast-food joints. Just as sinners are everywhere so we.

The hand of GOD if we allow HIM to do so, will guide us into any area we are to be. The hand of GOD will place us before the correct people that we need to network/socialize with to accomplish the desires of our hearts. The hand of GOD Is Good and HE will bring us into the presence of people of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. Encouraging huh?

The hand of GOD guides us to travel along safe territories and withholds us from entering dangerous territories. The hand of GOD will guide us to praise and worship HIM throughout the day. The hand of GOD will propel us to enter into HIS Word so that we may become encouraged about anything that is on our hearts.

The hand of GOD is filled with authority, judgment, presence, protection, power, and victory, and beside the FATHER’s right hand sits JESUS The CHRIST. As children of the living GOD, we must always remember that our FATHER, our DADDY does not want us to remain discouraged about anything because HE has all the authority, and we must utilize that in our lives.

HIS authority is our authority. To effectively use that authority, we must judge for ourselves if what we are looking at, where our focus is, who we spend quality time with, and what we are hearing is beneficial to our growth in CHRIST JESUS. We must remain within GOD’s presence so that we may experience HIS protection, power, and victory.

An overcomer can step away from GOD’s presence. GOD will never step away from us. Eventually, we will take notice that we are no longer experiencing even the residue of HIS protection, power, and victory and should run back to him as though we are competing for gold in the Olympics.

As GOD’s overcomers, keep within the presence of our FATHER our DADDY, our GOD through JESUS at all times then we will experience encouragement from HIS good and faithful hand.


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