Simply put its when we beat or strike up against something. Many of us are in a battle and don’t know it; we battle with the use of our attitude and our words. And, please let me not forget the battle of our mind. Battles are only applied to what or who we see as enemies and therefore we attack others and most often ourselves. That’s right we strive and struggle with ourselves.

We are always trying to handle situations with others and with ourselves; maybe the problem is not so much the situation but in our trying. This is my thought on being in battle with others and ourselves; cease and desist; stop trying we most often never successfully accomplish coming to an end of those very tough situations regarding others and ourselves. I believe that we place far too much belief; confidence; and trust in ourselves rather than in CHRIST JESUS. HE has never lost a battle, yet our first instinct is not to run to HIM with our problems but to try and work them out ourselves. CHRIST JESUS is the One who determines the outcome of each battle and HE is not going to sit by and watch us be destroyed unless we don’t include HIM. The number one reason why we are in a battle is that of fear. When fear comes upon us, we need to decide which we will allow to control us; are we going to allow fear to cause us to forget everything that we know in CHRIST JESUS or are we going to face those fears boldly in CHRIST JESUS and rise? In CHRIST JESUS we need to know that the battle is not ours so cease being afraid of what people have said or is saying about us. Stop trying to keep up with those who may have better possessions than you in time we can have everything that we desire regarding possessions. We need to learn how not to covet what others have. Don’t you want to have things without being in debt; don’t you desire to have the ability to walk into any store see what it is that we will like to have and pay for them in full without spending that which should have gone towards paying for that which we already are in debt to? Cease from trying to do the job that GOD is more than able to accomplish without our help. Ask the LORD GOD to help you through the Holy Spirit to stop being so concerned with how the world sees us and rest in how CHRIST JESUS see us. Transform your mind by casting down every imagination that is nothing like GOD. If it does not line up with who CHRIST JESUS is, what HE said we are to HIM, and what HE is to us; we better know that those thoughts are not godly but deadly through the devil. We cannot battle our thoughts with thoughts to battle the thoughts we must speak out using our mouth and tongue to form the words which are GOD like. CHRIST JESUS desire that we think thoughts that are good, pleasing and perfect in HIM. When the Holy Spirit resides within us, we can live with a new attitude in the character and integrity of our Savior CHRIST JESUS. So, when we begin to have thoughts about people that irritate us remember that JESUS CHRIST died for those people also and that HE loves them too. In the book of Philippians, we are given the blueprint and instructions on how we are to think. Look at Phil. 4:8.

1 Samuel 17:47; 2 Chr. 20:15; Rom. 12:2; Eph. 4:23


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