For some who may know the general sense of what an advocate does often will get the true meaning incorrect. An advocate is an attorney or mediator who speaks up on our behalf. Some believe that an advocate begs all because they may hear the advocate use the word plea, this is not correct. When an advocate makes a plea on our behalf, he/she know exactly what to say and when to say something that is beneficial on our behalf. The advocate’s position is to get the judge; another advocate or someone we are in dispute with to view things from another reasonable perspective. The advocate will argue in support of a claim without raising his/her voice or using words that reflect the low vocabulary in which we often practice in defense against the claim of another. In scripture, we discover that CHRIST JESUS is called our Advocate, but we may not properly understand HIS position for us in this case. In every case, there are two sides the defense and the prosecutor. CHRIST JESUS is our DA and satan is the SA. In the courts of heaven, satan is always bringing about accusations against the children of the Most High GOD because we are incapable of thinking, seeing, speaking, listening and doing things as perfectly as JESUS did. However, this does not mean that we are not perfect in the eyes of the FATHER because when HE looks at us all HE sees is HIS SON’s precious blood covering us as HE listens to the plea from the Advocate. And, better than Perry Mason or Matlock depending on your generation our case is won and unlike Perry Mason or Matlock who have lost at least one case our Advocate never loses a case and never has to petition the court for a repeal of judgment.

The Advocate our DA or Mediator will never switch sides HE cannot and will not defend anyone who is not HIS client, meaning that the only clients our Advocate will speak up for are those who are true believers, we must be washed in the blood of JESUS and HE must reside within our heart as we must reside within HIM. The test that we have as knowing CHRIST JESUS to be our helper is to know without a shadow of a doubt that we belong to HIM and HE belongs to us. Our being the children of the Holy GOD will be the desire that we have not to sin, but, because there are times when we will either willingly (most often when irritated) or unwillingly (unaware sin or a mistake) sin we have an Advocate in heaven who is praying for us and speaking with our FATHER on our behalf. CHRIST JESUS has the complete approval of HIS FATHER so that when we come into the presence of our FATHER, CHRIST JESUS is the One doing the speaking because HE is the Righteous One. The one who will always find fault with us because we do err and sin is satan and his cohort of demons. They are the accusers of the brethren/accusers of the children of GOD. What they are constantly measuring us by is the Law of Moses because the law will never mix well with grace it’s like trying to perfectly blend together oil and water, it can’t be done we will always see them being separated. CHRIST JESUS died and now is alive seated at the right hand of the FATHER speaking up for us. Regardless of our believing or not there is only one True GOD and we have One True Advocate and HE is the only One who can speak for us. Having a mortal person who has the same challenges that we have is not qualified to speak up for us with the Almighty GOD. No human, none has the qualifications to be the just Advocate that we need before the FATHER. JESUS CHRIST is the only One who is perfect, without faults and who satisfied the FATHER so completely that JESUS was given the name that is above every other name and the position that everything must bow down to HIM be it above in the heavens, on earth, and in hell and our tongues will confess that HE alone is the LORD. We ourselves can go to the FATHER without trembling but rather in the boldness of CHRIST JESUS. Never should we rely on other humans to speak to the FATHER on our behalf, doing such is no different than when the High Priest who would go into the Holy of Holies by observing to do all the ritualistic portions of a ceremony in the Old Testament. The only human we are to rely on in heaven is CHRIST JESUS because HE is all Man and all GOD. HE is not a half breed or any other type of breed labels that humans are called. CHRIST JESUS can save everyone who desires to receive HIS gift of Salvation, HE will never go against our own will. It does not matter to HIM how horrible we see ourselves and it may be true that we are sinners in the worst way just as Saul saw himself before he was transformed into Paul. We are not impossible to be forgiven by CHRIST JESUS because it is you alone that HE suffered, died and is now alive for. No matter how despicable we see ourselves or don’t see ourselves sin is sin and there is no big sin and little sin. CHRIST JESUS is the only One who will bring us from being the farthest to the nearest of GOD. And once we belong to GOD, CHRIST JESUS will be our Advocate in heaven until HE returns to gather us to HIMself in the sky. JESUS is not in the manger, on the cross or in the borrowed tomb any longer. JESUS grew up and became a Man, as Man HE died on the cross for our sins HE had none and as Man, HE was placed in a borrowed tomb where HE woke up after three days and was seen by over five hundred people at one time. Today, CHRIST JESUS is in heaven in the presence and seated at the right hand of GOD the FATHER on our behalf.

1 John 2:1; Rom. 8:34; 1 Tim. 2:5; Heb. 7:25, 9:24


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