Give Encouragement


2 Chronicles 30:22

Hezekiah gave encouragement to all the Levites who taught

The Good Knowledge of The LORD.

Personally, this underlined portion of scripture “Hezekiah gave” really is a turn-on for me. Because it reminds me of “GOD gave, and JESUS gave”. We all are to follow the practice of what and how we are to give according to the examples given to us within the scriptures. Anywhere we read that a Prophet of GOD gives or where GOD gives or JESUS gives and where the Apostles give, we should learn by example and follow giving if we have the means by which to give.

So, what was the Good Knowledge of The LORD? At that time, it was Judgments and the Law. Today The Good Knowledge of The LORD will be The Gospel of JESUS and HIS Commandments.

When we hear any person preaching, speaking, or teaching the Gospel of CHRIST JESUS we are to encourage them. Also, when a person writes about the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST, we are to encourage them. How you encourage anyone that is sharing the Good Knowledge of The LORD is on you. As long as your encouragement meets the definition of what it is to encourage another person, you will fit in with Hezekiah very well.

Here is a reminder:

  • Encourage- To give courage to; to give or increase the confidence of success; to inspire with courage, the strength of mind.
  • Encouragement- The act of giving courage, giving confidence in success, and incentive.
  • Encourager- One who encourages, incites, or stimulates action; one who supplies by counsel, rewards.
  • Encouraging- Inspiring with hope and confidence; exciting courage.
  • Encouragingly- To give courage or hope of success.

Knowing now how to give any person who shares with others The Good Knowledge of The LORD should no longer be difficult for any person to give.


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