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September 10, 2020

Holy Spirit-2 Timothy 1:14; Titus 3:5

The children of the Most-High GOD must remember to subject ourselves to the rulers and to those who are in the positions of authorities. This just may save our lives to go on living to see another day. Remember that there is no authority greater than GOD’s and GOD is the ONE who has placed certain people in the position of authority. And as in everything, there are those in authority that have been allowed to work in there positions who were not chosen by GOD. Many people who encounter those who are rulers or are in authoritative positions are not able to discern who are believers in CHRIST or not. Our position whenever we have appointments or encounter those who are in a position of authority as we go along with our life. Is to be respectful, obey what is being asked of us with humility. Our humility to subject ourselves to authorities and rulers is for the sake of our LORD giving honor to HIS Holy name. 

If we will busy ourselves to do good works we will be conducting ourselves which is worthy of our LORD. We are to display an admirable character, courage, and integrity bearing the fruit of good works and grow in the knowledge of our GOD through an intense love for HIS command, and deepening our faith through the Holy Spirit as we gain a clearer insight of the FATHER through JESUS. 

Either continue or begin to speak only words of kindness, be known as a person of peace, be or cultivate our lives to be known as gentle through genuine humility towards all mankind.

Before we became new creations in JESUS we were selfish, our only concern was to please ourselves through our flesh. We were ignorant and disobedient. I do not need to sit here and type out what we did, because we all know what we did in our former lives. None of that is relevant except in sharing with others how JESUS delivered us from those sins as we help others to come out of those prisons, out of those dark pits where satan and his demons had us at one time, yet, others are there to be delivered as well.

 There was nothing we could do to change how we were because true and complete change does not happen from the outside, inwardly. True change happens from the inside, outwardly. This change happens because we were washed in the atonement of CHRIST, then we were set apart, made holy, and declared free from guilt and shame. 

We are no longer groping and lurking in the darkness of sins, we are now walking erect and moving about freely in the light. We have a source and that is the name of the LORD JESUS the CHRIST and His Holy Spirit from the FATHER. 

We are to remember that GOD’s grace to us is not something that we deserve. HIS kindness and love for us are so remarkable that while we were a yucky mess, HE gave us HIS SON, JESUS to be our source of salvation. 

When GOD made HIS appearance among mankind, our self-righteousness had nothing to do with that, and then maybe it did. We need to learn that the only righteousness that bears great worth is that of JESUS. The mercy of the FATHER saved us through JESUS the CHRIST. Without JESUS possessing us and we likewise possess HIM nothing that we think, say, or do will justify us and declare us righteous and free from guilt. We are not to be led by the performance of legalism, what the law of Moses does is make us aware of sin and it should direct us to want to change our minds but it does not because the law is not the remedy that our flesh requires. 

Ah, what a Mighty GOD we serve, the ONE who through HIS mercy and love for which HE loves us during our times of being worthless to the world because we were spiritually dead and kept separated from our Creator GOD all because of sin. HE sent and gave to us JESUS and by HIS grace we became spiritually alive with CHRIST and now we are free from GOD’s judgment. We have been raised together with CHRIST the second we begin to believe in HIM. We are seated with HIM in the heavenly all because we are in CHRIST JESUS. The FATHER did this so that people of all generations may take notice through the showing of HIS grace which is unsurpassed, the richness of HIS grace and kindness toward us through CHRIST JESUS in providing to us our redemption in CHRIST. GOD’s remarkable favor which we do not deserve and the calling out to us by the Holy Spirit to draw us near and nearer to CHRIST for our salvation and deliverance. To give to us eternal life through our faith in HIM. There is nothing at all that we can do that will give us access to the FATHER or heaven without first going through JESUS who is our door by which we gain our entrance in. We cannot speak to others about how we came to JESUS through religious works because none of that carries any weight with the FATHER. JESUS is the only ONE who can provide mankind the gift of salvation. 

JESUS spoke these words that we should adhere to.

 I promise to you and most seriously say to you unless you are born-again you will not see nor experience the Kingdom of GOD. 

To be born-again is to be reborn not through the efforts of flesh but spiritually from heaven. Our dead spirit must be renewed, resurrected, sanctified holy, and transformed. We will be washed and completely cleansed by the Holy Spirit from all sins.

The Holy Spirit is being poured out on us and in us with great abundance because of CHRIST JESUS our Savior. We are given a new heart this is the heart transplant that I often refer to, the taking out of the old stoney heart and receiving a healthy heart made of flesh where the FATHER, the WORD, and the Holy Spirit will reside. Our former dead spirit has been replaced with one that is alive and ready to worship GOD through the thankfulness that JESUS is owed. Our spirit requires to have the Holy Spirit within us to nurture us on the milk first then on the meat and potatoes of GOD’s Word through JESUS. 

Our having faith in JESUS will make us heirs according to the promises. King Jesus will judge the righteous as well as the unrighteous. On HIS right will be us, the sheep, we will have a place of honor before HIM. But the goats, [goats are rebellious and stubborn] the unbelievers will be placed on the King’s left the place of rejection. As sheep, we are blessed, favored, and appointed for eternal salvation by GOD. We are the heirs of the kingdom which has been prepared for us from the foundation of the world. 

We are the children of the Most-High GOD and we are HIS heirs we share in what JESUS inherited. We share in HIS blessings, glory, and suffering. We also have the first fruits of the Holy Spirit. We possess hope even though our earthly bodies may be failing us and inwardly we breathe with a voice of pain and sorrow for having to remain in this world when we have been separated from the world. Yet, we must wait with eagerness knowing that we are legally adopted to the FATHER in CHRIST because HE redeemed us. So we patiently wait for our transformed bodies which we will receive once we are resurrected from where we are buried or scattered if cremated. We will no longer possess what our former earthly bodies once had from the world. That right there should cause you to praise the LORD our GOD if you are suffering/living with ailments or pain in the flesh. I know that I keep this at the forefront of my remembrance because as of this writing I have been suffering from pain for over twenty years. Yet, I continue to push through it to do that which I have been chosen to do by my FATHER through JESUS. We must keep hope alive within us for those things that we know that we have but cannot see them. 

We are representatives of JESUS the CHRIST in faith as GOD’s chosen vessels we are to be led as well as lead and encourage people to pursue the knowledge of the truth which leads us and others to godliness. Based on our hope and the guarantee given we have eternal life. Our GOD is eternally truthful, HE cannot lie. Deceit cannot be found in HIM. Nothing that has occurred before, during, and after creation is a surprise to HIM, HE cannot be caught off guard or surprised. Promises were made before creation began. And at HIS appointed time HE made known to mankind HIS WORD and revealed HIS WORD to us by way of the message, preaching, and teaching. 

Our faith in JESUS is good and we must by the Holy Spirit who lives within us, not allow people to pursued us to leave that which is true and has been deposited in us.


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