I love my femininity

1 Peter 3: 3-4 

This blog is for me; however, I don’t mind sharing with my sisters what the LORD is reminding me of. My grandmother taught me well regarding relationship between a man and woman.  I also taught my daughter what my grandmother taught me. However, there is always someone who we females will give into. Who we did not allow to labor for our affection. That person may break our heart and say all the right words we may need to hear. But if we listen closely; we will hear their intent pretty quickly. If we open our eyes and see what they are presenting to us; we may not accept the cheap imitation. I encourage you to join me; muster up all your courage and run; run because the life you save will be your own. All women at sometime or other may have to check into emotional rehab. If you find that you need to go; don’t feel guilty or ashamed. You and I are not the first or the last that must be reminded of our worth. There are some females who may have forgotten what their mothers and grandma’s told them about being a lady. Some females who may have never been told by their mothers and grandma’s about being a lady. And some females who just don’t give a flip because they are in search of love and they will do whatever it takes to get it. Even if it’s only in words or sex. This is so empty and unfulfilling.

  • All females must be told by their dads; granddads; or father figures that they are beautiful and precious jewels.
  • All females are to be worked for; we should not make it easy for any male to gain our attention.  

Let me provide you with some examples; every precious jewel or metal has to be dug up or dug out. A pearl is formed from one tiny grain of sand that has gotten into an oyster. The oyster can’t digest the sand granule; so it suffers with great pain and dies as the muscle of the oyster grows around the granule. The oyster is then pried open and all that is in the shell is the pearl. Gold and other precious stones are dug from the ground.

No one can just walk up to an oyster; pry it open and there is a pearl. Many oysters may have to be opened before just one pearl is found. Neither can we just stand over some soil and say to ourselves; I’ll dig here and find me a diamond or gold. We have to know where precious stones are most likely to be found then dig and dig until we find a stone. Not only that; precious stones are also found in mountains; we can’t just go up to any mountain with our pick ax and begin to hack away at it. Where is our research; who have we spoken with to advise us; how much work are we willing to put in to obtain the prize? To obtain precious stones and metals we must be ready to endure the labor and so should it be with females.

We must be labored for because we are far more costly than some rock or metal. A female’s true beauty is not found outwardly because looks eventually fade; it becomes only a memory. A female’s worth is found deep within her; its hidden deep within her heart. The time of years or gravity will not corrupt that inward beauty. We should always be gentle and quiet in spirit which is also precious to the sight of GOD.

Christian females should be an example to each generation behind them. Christian females should also talk to and teach females who are not Christians how to dress with style; yet not have all of their bosom out; their buttocks shacking when they walk; dresses so short you can see their undergarments or clothes so tight it fits like grape skin. We need to have mature Christian women in their 30’s; 50’s and 60’s to teach younger women how to be ladies. And this should be offered in church. Stop gawking and gasping and set an example. Help steer females properly in how to date. This may come across as old fashioned; however, when a man see a lady coming his way who is fashionable yet covered up and nothing looks like jelly rolling around. He recognizes her. A female should look smooth.

Another quality of a lady is her voice. There is no need for a female to speak as if she is speaking to anyone within a stadium. A female should always be soft spoken; I did not say whisper because there is a difference. And a lady does not use profanity as if she has spent a year in a sub with sailors. Also, never give into a man who whistles; yells or say anything disrespectful to gain your attention. A male who does that is not a gentleman and he is not who we want to spend our time with. A male who will come up to us and greet us; is the person we may want to give our attention to. If he speaks mannerly to us; then we may consider getting his telephone number or e-mail. We will call him or write to him. Never, communicate via text; social media vocabulary is too undefined.

I mentioned that this is really for me; not the speaking or dressing part but the relationship with males is for me. I’m just like any other female who has been hurt by a relationship. However, the LORD GOD reminded me of my worth. Someone who I thought loved me as I loved him does not respect me enough to do what must be done to keep me. So I’m in relationship rehab. I will not come out until I know that I can see or speak with this person without giving into my emotions. I remember that I can do all things through CHRIST JESUS who strengthens me. I remember that I am a holy and righteous woman of GOD; I am royalty because my DADDY is the KING. I remember to go to the book of Proverbs and read chapter 31. I remember who I belong to and no person in this world will remove my GOD from being number one in my heart, mind and life. The LORD GOD has been far too good to me and has delivered me from the snare of the enemy too many times. I have been to the door of an earthly death; yet I never peaked in. My GOD is my salvation in all things; thank YOU JESUS!

So females Christian and non-christian if you get nothing from this blog but how to be a lady. Take that and work it girl. However, there is nothing any better than being a lady in CHRIST JESUS. HE will not allow you to mourn the death of a relationship that was not needed anyway. The death of that relationship was a favor to us. http://www.about.me/amfbministry


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