Did You Know?


To the Bloodwashed, my siblings in CHRIST JESUS, Believers in the MESSIAH.

You are to remain immovable, standing firm. Remain strong. Remain unshakeable. Do not allow anyone and anything to move you from believing in CHRIST JESUS and HIS Word.

CHRIST JESUS has given all of us work to do that we must obey.

Side note: I know that it can be difficult sometimes. But know this, you and I are not alone. We can do what JESUS asks of us knowing this.

Our labor is not in vain, it is not for nothing, they are not effortless,  and they are never a waste of time.

We are in CHRIST JESUS! We are united in the MESSIAH! We belong to CHRIST!

So, what does this mean to us?

  1. We are a new creation! We are made brand new.
  2. Old things have passed away. Old things have gone away.
  3. All things have become new! New things have arrived. Look at all the new things that have arrived which are fresh and new. The newness has come. But everything is made new within us.

*Italicised: Are – present tense. Have – accept, obtain, receive. Is – present tense.

Fear Not. Do not fear. Do not be afraid. Do not be anxious, Do not be stressed, Do not worry.


I AM is with you. Who is I AM? The LORD GOD Almighty. CHRIST JESUS.

Do not be dismayed. Do not fear. Do not be distressed/di-stressed.


Because I AM is your GOD. The LORD GOD Almighty. CHRIST JESUS.

Italicized: Be -present subjunctive.

I AM will strengthen you. I AM will give you strength and help. I AM will make you strong.

Italicized: Will – present

I AM holds you with HIS Righteous right hand. With HIS Righteous Strong hand. With HIS Victorious right hand. HIS right-hand Saves.

Italicized: Holds – maintain in the grasp, keep from falling or moving, support.

The LORD will perfect that which concerns you. The LORD will do all for your sake. ADONAI/The LORD JESUS fulfills HIS purpose for you. The LORD does everything for you. 

Italicized: Fulfill – executes/put into effect; meet requirements; satisfy/measure up. Does – present tense.

The LORD’s mercy endures forever. HIS faithful love lasts forever. ADONAI’s/The LORD’s grace continues forever; HIS faithful love endures forever; HIS love continues forever.

Italicized: Endures – continues in the same state; remains firm under suffering and misfortune, it is never yielding.

We do/we will have many afflictions. We do/we have many problems. Our hearts will be broken and our spirits will be crushed. We do/we will have many adversities.

Side note: Just because we are washed in the blood of JESUS. We have confessed HIM with our hearts and mouths because we truly believe in JESUS. We are fervently attending worship services and Bible studies. We read, study, and adhere to what the Bible instructs us to be and do.

We are not removed from having difficulties. We all are subjected to facing the problems that plague non-believers as well. What makes us different from those that do not believe in JESUS The CHRIST and Everything HE Is and Everything HE Does and Everything HE Did. 


The LORD JESUS delivers us out of them all. The LORD JESUS delivers us from people. The LORD JESUS is near us all. The LORD JESUS rescues us from them all. The LORD JESUS solves them all.

Italicized: Delivers – set free. Near – intimately close. Rescues – free from confinement, danger, and evil.





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