AMFBeM Newsletter

September 3, 2020

By the Holy Spirit-2 Corinthians 6:6-9

To become and remain genuine in the faith of CHRIST JESUS we must rest in HIM through the presentation, not of falsehood but to that which will be noticeable to others. When others take notice of how genuine we are to our faith in CHRIST JESUS they will begin to speak favorably and will recommend us to those who will need our listening ear and prayer. It is imperative that we entrust our total being over to JESUS the CHRIST and as we praise HIM people will praise us, but not in the same sense. Our praise will be of that which has been seen by others for the good works and the fact that we are able listeners to those that need someone to speak with. The willingness to have a prayer life not of outdated words or pretense but because we know for a fact that our GOD can do all that HE says that HE will do and anything that HE does not do will be because HIS Word has instructed us to do what needs to be done through JESUS and the power of HIS Holy Spirit. We are to present JESUS not as acceptable but rather more acceptable to people. Present JESUS and people will see the product of favor on you.

To those of you who have this knowledge and to those of you who are finding this out for the first time. In every way, we must show ourselves to be servants of GOD through the acceptance of many hardships such as troubles, difficulties, and great problems. People who we have been assigned to help by GOD through JESUS and the Holy Spirit may resent us at first but then when they are trying to give a listening ear people who are being used by satan and his cohorts will try to fight us because the mission is to keep everyone in darkness and prison eternally. In physical exertion, we push through sometimes to the point of sleeplessness. However, understand that in all these things we will show ourselves to be the following by the Holy Spirit.

  • By the Holy Spirit, live a pure life. 
  • By the Holy Spirit, be understanding.
  • By the Holy Spirit, be patient.
  • By the Holy Spirit, be kind.
  • By the Holy Spirit, be truthfully loving.
  • By the Holy Spirit, speak the Word of truth in love rather than condemnation. 
  • By the Holy Spirit, we possess the power of GOD.

By the Holy Spirit, we wear the armor of righteousness, in the right hand, we hold the Sword/Word and in the left hand, we hold the Shield/Faith. [for lefthanders I am so certain that this is no big deal to the Holy Spirit, He had His reason for knitting you together in this manner within your mother’s womb] Pull down every stronghold; Throwdown every evil and wicked imaginations, throw far from you everything that tries to exalt itself, tries to remain in your company, tries to remain rooted within you so that you will begin again to live a life of disobedience towards GOD through CHRIST.   

By the Holy Spirit, we need to wear our armor at all times, never have I read or been told to remove the armor as we do our natural clothes. The requirement for the armor is for those who will dishonor us at all times through evil reports because they are deceivers. But some will honor us by giving true reports void of deception.

We are not known by the world yet we are well known by the people of GOD. The world does not know us because we have made a decision to no longer live as the world does through being deceitful and dishonest, we refuse to manipulate anyone for our personal gain twisting the WORD of Truth which is the Word of GOD. We choose to dye daily to our selfish lust. We welcome the parental punishment from GOD our FATHER as any good parent would give to their children. Though it may seem harsh it will not kill the body. What the punishment is meant for is deliverance from hell both from GOD our FATHER and from our natural parents. And, where the punishment from our natural parents fail, not that what they did to corrects us is wrong because if we are bent to rebell we will. But where they failed GOD wins because HIS is the better correction. HIS deliverance of chastisement speaks directly to the spirit and soul for the correction of the body/flesh where as parental chastisement speaks directly to the body/flesh.


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