May 25, 2020



I’ve chosen from the OT two examples of unjustifiable anger that lived and played with jealousy.

Genesis 4:2-8

Cain and Abel the birth of sibling rivalry. Cain was a farmer/gardener and Abel was a shepherd. Over my many years of being a CHRISTian I have heard various reasons as to why GOD did not accept one fruit/offering over the other and at no time have I heard the accuracy of the reason. Hopefully, after I share with you what is made plain in the scriptures you will begin to see the reason as well. According to Numbers 18:12, all the best [key word], the firstfruits are to be offered to the LORD GOD. But this was not a written law so how was anyone to know what was required? Easy, come with me to Gen. 14:20; Heb. 7:2; Is. 59:7, 21; and Gal. 3:17.

Cain the farmer/gardener did not bring to the LORD GOD the best of the firstfruits he just presented to GOD garbage/worthless, it’s coming from the ground had nothing to do with the fact that it was unacceptable. What made it unacceptable is that it was not the best but worthless. Presentation is everything ask yourself do you want that which is presented favorably or unfavorably. An educator put it this way and I have never forgotten: You smell the scent of a delectable meal being prepared, your favorite meat, starch, vegetables, and dessert. However, when the food is presented it has been placed on a garbage pale lid, which is unattractive, dirty, maggot filled, and pungent. Do you still want to eat your favorite meal from that lid? Of course not! You desire the best so why are we proned to give GOD our second or fewer best? 

Abel was a shepherd and he did provide the LORD GOD his best of the firstfruits. Again, the keyword is the best. Abel’s offering was acceptable and when the lamb and the fat were burned on the alter it provided a sweet-smelling aroma. 

Most often our anger is often unchecked and when unchecked we find a target to unleash onto. I have found it more often than not anger is birthed out of jealousy, hurt from others, misunderstanding, self-loathing, and wanting to have our own way. So, when GOD asked Cain why he was angry it’s because GOD wanted him to look within himself, to search the motives of his heart.

To quote Bruno Mars “What ya mad at, pick your face-up”.  Anger can cause our face to change either in color or a glimmer into evil. The anger Cain felt towards his brother was birthed from having a jealous spirit. GOD had said to Cain that if he would only do what was right according to what he knew was right from wrong which is written in everyone’s heart that he would be accepted. However, if he chose to continue doing what he wants to do then sin is posted at the door of his heart and its desire is to take him further down because sin wants him. So, GOD informed him to rule over sin rather than allow sin to rule over him. 

Genesis 25:29-34, 27:5-46

Another example of sibling rivalry is found between Esau [Edom] and Jacob [Israel]. This rivalry was cultivated by their parents, Isaac favored Esau and Rebekkah favored Jacob. Parents of more than one child, never reveal to your children that you have a favorite.

Rebekkah conceived the very first twins and they brought her much discomfort, so, she asked GOD as to why this was so. GOD informed her that within her womb lives two nations, that one will be stronger than the other, and that the older will serve the younger. 

As stated above I explained that this scripture reference shows favoritism but it also shows un-needed and un-wanted help. You know how we do it, we always think that GOD requires our help to accomplish HIS goals and plans. Not true! Rebekkah’s actions threw a wrench into GOD’s perfect plan. GOD did not ask for Rebekkah’s help nor did HE require help from her. When we put our hands to anything thinking that we are helping GOD causes a postponement of what is to be and will be without our assistance. GOD is not the One who postpones HIS perfect plane it is actually us. But it is GOD who cleans up our mess. Take a look at what occurred when Rebekkah involved herself in helping GOD. But understand this it is not that Rebekkah did not believe GOD it is that she did not trust in the process of GOD. She leaned onto her own understanding. 


  • Mother kept Jacob close to home and taught him to cook and possibly housekeeping.
  •  Mother taught Jacob how to deceive and manipulate.
  • Mother taught Jacob to steal.
  • Fear from Jacob towards Esau came about and hatred from Esau towards Jacob came about.
  • Mother sent Jacob away for his protection from his brother and he never saw his parents again nor did they see him. When his parents died he was not there to help in their burial alongside his brother.


The name of Jacob actually means [supplant], trip up the heel, cause to fall, remove and displace by strategy.

I researched over and over to locate justifiable and unjustifiable anger and this is what I found.

According to the OT [pre-crucifixion of JESUS] though it is written in the section of the Bible that we call the NT we can read this.

Matt. 5:22 unjustified; Mrk. 3:1-5 justified. Rom. 12:19 instructs on wrath. Anger is resentment and wrath is violent indignant anger [such as Cain had towards Abel and Esau had toward Jacob. Here are a few more scriptures that can help us to understand anger and wrath; Prov. 27:3-4; Rom. 1:18-32, 8:1-9; Eph. 4:26, 31; Col. 3:8; and Jms. 1:19-20.

We need to know that when we place a deaf ear and keep our eyes closed to the saving grace of CHRIST JESUS we keep ourselves against GOD and though GOD will continue to show HIS mercy to those who do not love HIM as HE did with Cain by placing a protective mark upon his head. Understand that it is our choice to have GOD hate us to love us as HE did with Cain and Esau as well as with Abel and Jacob, Mal. 1:3; Rom. 9:13,16. GOD has shown to the world HIS love by sending HIS unique SON to die in our place. HIS torture and death were not done in vain, Jhn. 3:16. And most assuredly CHRIST JESUS is alive! Jhn. 3:13, 20:17; and Eph. 4:8.  

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