romans_10_9_if_you_confess_with_your_mouth_poster-r97f3af4d35324363991bedc8e5f67fe2_vevz1_8byvr_512It’s never enough to just acknowledge JESUS as just being Lord because HE is greater than that. JESUS Is The LORD!  

The LORD our GOD is one LORD. There is no difference between GOD the FATHER and JESUS because The FATHER and The Son are one, John 10:30. I don’t care how many ways you try to make contradiction of this; this fact will never be changed. In actuality the thoughts of mankind has never changed during the time when JESUS, HIMself said that HE and The FATHER were one or that HE is the Son of the Living GOD. Mankind thought HIM to be blasphemous and mankind thinks anyone who will say that JESUS is GOD is blasphemous. However, the gospel of John 1 dispels this completely beginning with “In the beginning [before all time] was the Word (CHRIST), and the Word was with GOD, and the Word was GOD HIMself” [AMP]. This chapter reveals to us how it was JESUS who created everything. 

GOD has made JESUS both LORD and CHRIST (The MESSIAH)—this JESUS whom you crucified. So you are probably reading this and thinking to yourself; well okay Shawn, if GOD is JESUS how is it that GOD made JESUS both LORD and CHRIST? Simple, Lk. 1:37 informs us that nothing is impossible with GOD and that no word from GOD is without power. GOD’s word will always be fulfilled. Let me further help you; The FATHER is much too much SPIRIT for any human to completely understand even the heavens can’t contain HIM after all have you ever wondered why HE would choose to live inside of us and considers us HIS temple? Think about that as you reach for the aspirin or better yet shout with praise after you get the revelation. So it’s not too difficult to understand how it’s possible for The FATHER to be in heaven and yet clothed in flesh and call HIMself JESUS. GOD is HIS own FATHER and Son now that’s what a True and Living GOD is. 

Announcing the good news (Gospel) of peace by JESUS CHRIST who is LORD of all. I mean really what more is there to add to this; this really has said it all. JESUS Is The LORD of all. 

Turn in repentance [that is due] to GOD and to have faith in our LORD JESUS CHRIST [that is due HIM]. What does it mean to repent? Turn away; turn your back on; walk away from. What does it mean to have faith? To trust. I’m bewildered by people when I hear that they have no faith; every human on the planet has faith it all depends on where we place our faith or for choice of a better word trust. Let’s take this example babies are born and they must be feed; they can’t feed themselves right? They trust someone will feed them; when babies are not feed; what happens they starve and die. No baby has the ability to recognize from birth that the person that they first look at is their mother or father as a matter of fact you can adopt a child and never tell a child he or she is adopted and they can live their entire life and never know. By faith we believe that the people who say they are our parents are our parents and the documents we read are true; now that we have DNA this may make things more verifiable. However, we trust in what we know from who we have been taught by. Take furniture, we have faith that when it’s time for us to sit or lay down on the furniture that it will not fall apart on us be it new or old because we have faith in the furniture. And last but not least; what about those places of employment some of us believe in the security of our jobs but the reality is that nothing is secure but JESUS. So if there is ever any person to have faith in and as I said a better word is to trust; it’s better to trust in JESUS; HE will never let us down. 

GOD which is in CHRIST JESUS our LORD. 

I know and am convinced (persuaded) as one in the LORD JESUS. This is how we all are to become; convinced for ourselves not by another’s relationship with JESUS. But because of our own relationship with JESUS that we are persuaded that HE is The LORD and that HE really is The True and Living GOD as written in the gospel of John 1. 

Ref. Scripture: Mk. 12:29; Acts 2:36, 10:36, 20:21, Rom. 8:39, 14:14 [AMP] 

Romans 10:9



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