JESUS – Matthew 8:13

Then Jesus said to the Centurion, “Go your way; and as you have believed, so let it be done for you.” And his servant was healed that same hour.

 The Centurion who was the head of the soldiers; a man full of authority. He came to JESUS by faith that JESUS would heal his servant. Now the Centurion was moved by his compassion and love for his servant; also he had either heard of the signs and wonders that were coming from JESUS or he had seen JESUS heal those who were diseased, sick and possessed. Either way he knew without doubt that JESUS was able to do what he needed JESUS to do for his servant. JESUS will only be limited by what we don’t believe HE can do for us. Our faith in JESUS must always be in operation even if it’s as small as a mustard seed which is the equivalent size of a period at the end of a sentence. Some of you may be thinking to yourselves that you were healed by JESUS and you had no faith; it just happened. Let me try to correct your error in thinking. Let’s say you came out to listen to a Preacher that you’ve heard people speak about. Your reason was to come and simple spectate because you don’t believe that people are really being set free or healed. As you sit there you hear the Preacher say that those who are having this pain or that ailment come up. Here is your chance to discredit the Preacher. But then you realize that you no longer feel the pain that you are in; or the symptoms of a certain ailment that you know you were experiencing is now gone. But you say I never went up when the Preacher called; the Preacher never touched me or spoke to me. Well, first of all the Preacher is not the one who heals and secondly, JESUS knew that it was your faith that made you get to the site where the Preacher was in the first place. Yes, sure your motives were un-pure but know that if there had not been one part of you that believed that you could be delivered or healed; you would have not taken the energy to come out. Most people who operate in this manner and receive a healing or deliverance will later tell the Preacher or someone what has happened. It’s difficult to keep a healing report to yourself.  People like this will come to JESUS afterward instead of before. JESUS can see faith no matter how small and hidden away it maybe. But those who are the children of GOD that still walk in doubt; in the vary areas of your life that need JESUS to show up and deliver you. You have no reason to be unfaithful; mistrusting; doubtful of what the Word of GOD has offered us. As I stated before; the Centurion believed and because of his faith JESUS answered his request and healed his servant. All JESUS wants from us is to believe in HIM. To go our way believing that we are well taken care of by HIM. That we have whatever we need because of HIM. And, the Centurion did just as JESUS bid him to do, he went away believing and when he returned he found his servant healed. If the Centurion was not saved before; he most definitely was saved afterwards. I’m also certain that he shared with his servant what it was that he had done and the servant too became a follower of JESUS. JESUS is a very compassionate, dutiful, faithful, a man full of grace, helpful, kind, loving, merciful, peaceful, a man full of rest, a supplier, tender, victorious and wise Man. If you will only believe in HIM and understand that you are forgiven and more loved by HIM than you will ever be able to imagine. You will come to know that JESUS is your friend and HE is with you through the thick of it and the thin.  JESUS, will not see you go without. So if you believe that when you ask the FATHER in the name of JESUS to do something for you that you know and understand is HIS will to do for you. Then you will come away in your belief knowing that you have gotten what you have asked for.


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