I have been shifted

 This is for your information only. If you are missing or wondering why you have not received any of the latest blogs from Elder Briscoe we will share with you the answer.

Elder Shawn received the commandment/instructions from The FATHER through CHRIST JESUS to write a book now.

This is a desire that has been in her heart for years and she is beginning to follow through. We will update you in the future when the book is ready to be sold and where you may purchase your copy. If you enjoy reading the blogs we are certain that you will enjoy the book that JESUS has placed in her heart.

Now, that she has informed so many of her readers she knows that now she must follow through. Do keep her in your prayers and send her words of encouragement that we may set before her. We know that this will be a huge help to her that will motivate her to carry through.

With love from Elder Briscoe, the AMFBeM family, and most of all CHRIST JESUS. 

Shawn Briscoe, Evg., Eld., Cnslr., Tchr.

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