Luke 1:5-20

What will it take for you to believe and trust in JESUS?

Will it be the voice of someone telling you about the love and forgiveness JESUS has for the world?

Will it take your going to a ministry building (church)?

Will it take a tragedy?

Are you able to believe and trust just from reading the Word (Bible)?

These are pertinent questions that must be asked and as we read the example left for us with Zacharias it’s one that we will want to pay close attention to. 

Zacharias was a priest. In today’s vocabulary he was a man of importance he was in the clergy in this case. He could have been the CEO of a fortune 5000 company, an up and coming entrepreneur making a name for himself; a big time drug dealer or a just an average guy trying to make it from day-to-day. 

However, he was a man who people looked up to; who was in relationship with GOD; who could pray and speak to GOD and come back with answers. But we find out that Zacharias was a pretender. Hmm; how so you ask? Well, I’m so happy you asked that question. 

When Zacharias was in the temple an angel of The LORD named Gabriel came standing right beside the altar of incense and Zacharias was filled with fear. 

Now considering this fact from this standpoint; maybe Gabriel startled old Zacharias when he looked at him. Because he had not heard him come into the temple to stand at the altar. 

However, Gabriel spoke to Zacharias fear first and foremost. Then Gabriel began to deliver to Zacharias his message.

  • Gabriel informed; Zacharias that his prayer has been heard
  • Gabriel informed; Zacharias that his prayer has been answered
  • Gabriel informed; Zacharias the name and sex of his child
  • Gabriel ensured Zacharias that he would have joy and that others will be joyous with him because of his child’s birth
  • Gabriel informed; Zacharias that John would be a success not only to his parents but more so to The LORD
  • Gabriel gave Zacharias instruction on how to raise his son
  • Gabriel warned Zacharias that his son will not be like others but ruled by The Holy Spirit from his mother’s womb
  • Gabriel informed; John will be used to turn the hearts of mankind to The LORD JESUS
  • Gabriel informed; John will have the mantle of Elijah the prophet to do the following.
  1. Turn back the hearts of fathers to the children
  2. The disobedient, incredulous, unpersuadable to the wisdom of the upright

Zacharias revealed his unbelief with his own words. (Lk. 6:45; for out of the heart the mouth speaks)  

Zacharias is a great example of how it does not matter who we are or what position we may hold in this life. If we don’t listen; if we don’t comprehend and most of all when we don’t Trust in the voice and Word of CHRIST JESUS we are the ones who miss out and suffer. It’s no one’s fault but our very own.  

Now Gabriel’s response was to shut the mouth of Zacharias until all comes to pass; and in reality this is still an example setter without going to the extreme. We need to be quiet more; even if and when we don’t understand the ways of GOD. Just trust HIM to do what HE said HE will do. 

So when someone leaves a gospel track; speaks about JESUS and HIS love and forgiveness for you; proclaims his true and living Word of grace and mercy. Listen, you may not accept at that very second, however; I would not wait very long. Talk to HIM; tell HIM you don’t understand anything that you heard or read but you are willing to trust in HIM. Ask HIM to be The LORD of your life today. I promise you; if you mean that with your entire heart JESUS will take care of the rest. 

Begin to read the book of Luke and John and put your name in places that you see yourself. Apply the Word of GOD to your life; HIS Word is a daily walk my friend just like sin is a daily walk. Turn away from sin and walk in your salvation because you no longer have to do anything you used to do when you are in CHRIST JESUS. 

Then if you have any questions go to the AMFBeM website contact us with your questions and we will respond to you via a video from Elder Shawn myself.  


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