Yesterday (8/7/9) an associate of mine stopped by my house to help my daughter move. Jokingly he said, “I would remove my hat but I’m going bald. Then again what difference does it make, I’m just trash.” This is not an unusual thought that many people have, some may voice it, and some may not.

Have we ever thought why we and our young people latch hold of the wrong concepts?
The wearing of pants below the bums, disregard for females and seniors.

What would happen if we would bottle feed, then spoon feed words that will change the concept of thought?
This is not only for our young but for everyone. I would encourage us all to say this to ourselves in the mirror as often as we remember.

Post it on the mirror and other places that will give you cause to see and read. Suggestions: Refrigerator, Dashboard of car, Office or Cubicle and even the exercise equipment. We must Transform our minds.

ENCOURAGE = people who have given up not only on themselves, but on their heart’s desire of life and all it has for them.

ENLIGHTEN = Awake that desire that is within them. Let them know that they can become who they desire and need to be. The power of change is in their control.

ENHANCE = The perception that is of self which outweighs the perception of others. Discover your authentic self.

EXHORT = Discover your gifts, talents and abilities that are their inside of you.

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