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October 7, 2020

Anger-Mark 3:5

While angry, do you do well? It is a characteristic that we must grow into and after reading how JESUS did well while angry with the Pharisees we must not overlook where the needs are.

To me, the greatest disappointment I encounter is going to the church building and seeing so many of us hurting emotionally, mentally, physically as well as having diseases, illnesses, and sickness. This should be the one true hospital for every believer and the one true hospital where non-believers will know to come and be healed.

In our text, today, notice this key phrase “HE entered the synagogue again “ this informs me that JESUS was in the building of worship and for whatever reason exited the building and entered again. But as I dug a wee bit further within the other gospels, I noticed that the other writers did not use the phrase of re-entry. And because Luke, a physician, is more detailed in his writings as all doctors are, I believe that Mark’s recount should have been that on another seventh day of the week when Jews went to a synagogue, JESUS went into a synagogue as well, as it was HIS custom.

Now, in the synagogue then and now as it is in our local assembly of worship, a man had a withered hand, meaning that his hand was dried up from the inside out. There was no moisture to be found in his bones, sinews, tendons, muscles. But the Pharisees and Sadducees, I am most certain since they went to the Synagogues as well on the seventh day of the week all looked at JESUS knowing full well that HE could heal people from everything that they either witnessed themselves or that they heard throughout their regions and lastly when people had to come before them to be released from being an outcast due to an ailment.

The thing here is this, they looked at JESUS with a look of judgment waiting to see if HE would heal the man. Remember, according to the law which JESUS lived by and obeyed perfectly, work of any type was not permitted. Okay, I can see this but what about the other six days, was this man a stranger in the land that just appeared for the very first time in the Synagogue? I do not think so, I believe that this man was known but the Pharisees and Sadducees did not have the faith which was required of GOD and they did not know how to tap into believing that they could have healed the man from having a withered hand. GOD is not a respecter of people, JESUS is our greatest example setter and because HE did it we can do it.

The anger of JESUS was aroused because HE knew within their hearts that they were primed to accuse HIM of healing this man from his suffering on the seventh day of the week. They felt that healing was the operation of working so it should be done on one of the six days. How ridiculous that is.  It amazes me that we are willing to accept everything evil that comes from satan but not willing to accept everything good which can only come from GOD. GOD is a life giver and restorer whereas satan is a life destroyer and taker.

Do you know that most of the people JESUS healed did not know that HE is the MESSIAH and some of them did not believe that HE could heal them? So, we need to stop waiting on others to have faith that they can be healed. What matters is that we have faith that those we pray for can and will be healed. JESUS did not say that when we pray to the FATHER in the name of JESUS to heal anyone that HE will do it. No, JESUS said “heal the sick, heal the lepers, cast out demons, raise the dead, freely you have received, freely give” Matt. 10:8; “heal the sick” Lk. 9:2; “heal the sick there” Lk. 10:9 and in the book of Philippians this scripture is greatly quoted but it is not believed, “I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me” Phil. 4:13. Step forward to those who are disfigured, sick, and emotionally, mentally, and physically in pain and pray for them out of your faith not so much out of theirs. JESUS asked if it was lawful to do good or to do evil, to save a life or to kill a life? Most likely, because I left out the word sabbath/seventh day of the week, your answer will be to do good and to save a life.

But there are many people who are believers and non-believers who prefer out of ignorance to live by the letter of the law rather than the spirit of the law. These people see things in black and white and there is no grey. I like to think that the grey area is the grace and mercy areas. Believers are filled with GOD’s grace and mercy but we do not know how to live in that. Just like the armor we are never to remove from our person we must live our lives in the action of grace and mercy. People who are legalistic, rigid in their decision making, and lifestyles with no acceptance that there is more than one way to get things done correctly are control freaks. These people like to mico-manage. I should know, I used to be this way. 

This often grieves the Holy Spirit because these types of people have very hard hearts like diamonds and this type of behavior is taught. It is a difficult thing for people like this to listen to the message of the GOD of Hosts through CHRIST JESUS given by the Holy Spirit.

But take notice, even though JESUS was angry because of the hardness of the leadership’s hearts, HE did well while angry. This is our lesson, yes, there are times when we will become angry but be certain that if it is true anger, meaning that it is justifiable and righteous. Or, is it just disappointment due to expectations that we have of others. Do well when angered!

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