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As far back as when the Prophet Isaiah first said it men and women have proclaimed that the Spirit of the Lord was on them and that HE anointed them to preach the Good News, to heal the broken-hearted, and to announce liberty. Well, let us examine some things.

  1. Prophet Isaiah was speaking a prophecy about JESUS.
  2. JESUS is the totality of everything described in that scriptures and more, who HE is, HE did and does.
  3. When we say that, it’s not that it may not be true for some of us but then there are some who make that claim and we witness none of these things. The congregation is under judgment and legalism, where is the Good News, why are there so many members brokenhearted week after week, and why is the church being politically correct?

The Good News is all about being set free through salvation in CHRIST JESUS. The Holy Spirit brings with Him liberty He is of the LORD GOD. Pre-JESUS crucifixion the Holy Spirit would come and go, He would rest on top of GOD’s anointed people and then leave. Now the Holy Sprite reside within the children of the LORD GOD through CHRIST JESUS. The anointing is likened unto a smearing or painting but JESUS HIMself is the embodiment of the Anointing and that is the meaning of CHRIST. The Anointed One and HIS Anointing. Though we have the anointing living on the inside of us we do not walk in our anointing 24/7, 365 as JESUS did when HE walk the earth. If we did we would not allow the little things that bother us to do so. But when we ask the Holy Spirit to work through us to help us out, He will show Himself to come through our pours where people will begin to notice that we are glowing. That is the painting or smearing of the anointing. All of us who belong to CHRIST JESUS should share JESUS with others but there are some who have an anointing to do so and like a follower, to a pied piper they come. This is why some of us are so amazed when we see the nuttiest of our family members or the hardest hearted ones begin to love and change because JESUS became real to them. Never discount you’re witnessing to individuals and not seeing them come to JESUS, your part is just as important. Remember and I am not a gardener but I understand this process, some seeds we plant will not grow in the soil we’ve chosen to plant in, either the soil is not fertilized or the soil needs more work. Either way, to plant where seeds are to grow in the unfertilized soil we need to replace the soil or work on the soil to make it accept the seeds for growth. A person’s heart may need more people or someone not so close to them to reach them. For many years as a saved child of the LORD GOD I would attend church service and hear what was said and often question myself then the LORD, why am I not getting what is being said? My heart was broken going in and it was still broken when I came out week after week, month after month, and year after year. Until the day came when I finally heard someone speak the Word of GOD in a manner of relatability. I did not live during the time when my brothers and sisters did when the Bible was recorded and most of the Pastors seemed to have forgotten what it was like to be a teen or a 20 or 30 years old. We need people who will teach GOD’s Word to every age group of people without wearing a mask, we are not supposed to be a people who are ashamed to have lived through some difficult times. But religion is built on this. JESUS came to set us free from every single type of judgment, legalism, racism, and sin first and foremost. Sin is our warden and the acts of sin are our jailers. Without JESUS we will never be paroled or receive probation it’s a life sentence and some people serve that term in solitary confinement. JESUS is the only One with the keys to open those prison doors to let whoever is ready to be released and HE never places us back there again. The admission of being a sinner is this, it’s fun, if it were not none of us would have continued doing it though it’s all we knew to do. But when presented with the choice why did so many barks at leaving sin behind before giving up and turning their back on sin before realizing that they were not having fun but in actuality sin was having fun with us. Yes, we were all blind to sin this is why JESUS restores our eyesight. One of the first things I noticed when I was delivered from oppression is how light I was and that’s because I was no longer weighed down with unreasonable impositions, no longer overpowered by the hand of satan and his demons, no longer overburdened and depressed by all the hurtful words of my past and the actions against me. Though I had been a child of the LORD GOD for twenty-five at that time, it was like I was actually seeing the acceptable year of my LORD, my Savior and now my Deliverer. During my training as a minister of the gospel, I had encountered parts of ministry I had never encountered before in all my years of attending church service. I was actually witnessing people delivered from being blind, seeing limbs grow out or watching them begin to walk again after not being able to for many years. Nightly I watched how the hearts of people were being changed because the gospel was being preached to them. And though I’ve not witness someone without breath in their brain and lungs come back to life, I have witnessed the dead raised by means of the spirit of people coming to life in those whose spirits were dead. Now that may mean little or nothing to you but that’s a praise right there because those people are with JESUS and will remain with HIM.  

Isaiah 61:1, Lk 4:18-19, 7:22, Ps. 147:3, Is. 42:7


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