Well, dear hearts.

Most of us are familiar with the scripture of GOD saying “Let there be Light”. But none of us ever realized that GOD said, “Let there be light(s)”. And if we did notice that did we notice what the two different verses meant? I don’t think so. Well, if you are a student of the bible we will notice that GOD created everything through JESUS. JESUS is not nor has HE ever been created or made because HE is GOD. Another thing that we would have learned as students of the bible is that JESUS is the Light of the world. JESUS as being Light commands darkness to leave out of our hearts. JESUS shines HIS Light of knowledge into our spirit which glorifies GOD through HIMself.

We all must come to an understanding that it is JESUS who alone is the Light of salvation for us. Even when we fall and our enemies laugh at us we will rise back up. It is not our posture or position to sit in darkness because the LORD JESUS is our Light.

As a kingdom family in CHRIST JESUS, we are the light of the world. We are the ones that people will see JESUS through but in order for this to be, we must not be ashamed, we must not be a punch in and punch out Christian, we must demonstrate our faith rather than talk so much. Let them see the Light of JESUS no one can hear a light. Draw people to us with being as JESUS has taught and is teaching us to be by being a Light to and for us. People need to see because humans are visual beings, there is enough corruption in the world and we are in the world but we are not of the world so people need to see our good works to GOD’s glory. And even though they will make fun of us and leave us, when they need us they will know where to find us. Because they know that we are the genuine article we’re not legalistic, judgmental and or religious zealots but we have an intimate relationship with the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS which is proven in our conduct. This is how we glorify our GOD who is our FATHER through CHRIST JESUS who is our LORD and our Light.

Just as John the Baptist bore witness of the Light of JESUS so are we. JESUS alone is the Light of the world and we are to follow HIS Light so we will no longer live and walk in darkness but possess HIS Light of life.

I ask you, how difficult is it for us to walk in the Light? We had no difficulty walking in darkness. In darkness we grope around, feeling our way but in the Light, we can see clearly where we are and where we are going. As we live it will proclaim as to who we belong, Light or darkness. But if we truly belong to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS then we are the sons of Light.

We have been called into HIS marvelous Light. Our spiritual eyes have been opened and we now see that we had been in darkness under the control of satan. But now we are joyfully submitted to the love of our LORD JESUS who have forgiven us of our sins and have given us an inheritance because we are sanctified in HIM through faith.

The LORD GOD is Light and in HIM there just does not exist any type of darkness at all and because of this, there is no darkness within us either. Let me illuminate just how awesome my JESUS is to you just in case you are having trouble comprehending that fact. It has always been impossible for JESUS as GOD to ever stop living, however, as the Son of Man, it was possible for HIM to cease to live. But not by the hand of man as so many of us read into that, notice JESUS gave up HIS Holy Spirit and then died. But notice this In the Old Testament there are recordings of the dead being raised this was done by the help of JESUS through them. And in the New Testament, there are recordings of JESUS raising the dead as well as HIS disciples. But no human raised JESUS from the dead. No, it was GOD HIMself that woke HIMself up and walked out of that grave. In heaven all about HIM, HE is surrounded by an unapproachable light, HE can be seen but unless HE comes to us or beckons us to HIMself we can’t get past the light.

Heaven is an awesome place, we have read what to look for and who to look for. But notice this, heaven is lite up with and by JESUS. When GOD created the sun and the moon HE said that they would rule the day and night. But even they are ashamed to be in the presence of their Creator because their brilliance is darkness compared to HIS. And we will no longer have need of these great earthly lights because we will be led by the Creator of lights the Everlasting.  

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