What are you looking at? Who or what do you turn your attention over to? For the duration of the life we have lived we have surrendered our attention to someone or something that we have put in the place where GOD belongs and we did not know it. No one has taught us about idols in this sense. And most of us never attend church unless we are attending a funeral, wedding, Easter, Mother’s day, maybe Father’s day, and possibly Christmas. We are not going to learn out in the streets how not to idolize.

We are saved not by our wonderful or not so wonderful parents and grandparents or other extended family members that we love. We are not saved by our associates and friends or what you may call them your hang buddies or mates. We are not saved by addictions, working, volunteering or by anything else we can think of. We are saved by looking at JESUS. HE is GOD and there is no other GOD. At some point this fact will be known, there will be those who chose willingly while having breath in their mortal bodies to turn to the LORD. And then there will be those who when it’s much too late while their immortal bodies are eternally burning in the lake of fire of hell will turn to the LORD wishing that they had believed. But this fact will remain we all will worship JESUS on earth, underneath the earth, and in heaven. As long as we are still on the earth and have breath in our mortal bodies it is never late and JESUS will answer us because of HIS righteous deeds which are salvation for all humankind. HE is our confidence for every person of the entire planet earth. Now how someone can misunderstand this is inconceivable to me.

I would like to share my experience and that is that my faith increases in JESUS from day to day. My hope in CHRIST JESUS is enlarged because HE is the producer of my faith. JESUS is faithful regardless of how I feel or my understanding. JESUS created and brought into being a measure of faith for everyone but it’s up to us all to exercise what HE has given to us. The problem with most of us is that we don’t recognize faith when we come into the world with faith. For example, it was by faith that we took hold of our bottle and held it for the very first time. It was by faith that we crawled from one spot to another and walked then ran and so on in life. Just as our grip got stronger and our legs and hips got stronger so does and will our faith if and when we use it towards everything we apply it towards. We use faith daily it’s just that we are not aiming our faith in the will of GOD so we believe that we have no faith and that is not correct. JESUS wrote our faith and HE is the only one who can complete our faith. Close your eyes and imagine JESUS on the cross and yes though HE was going through great agony but because HE was doing this for you, HE was filled with joy to endure HIS assignment for which HE came to earth for. Think about so many especially your enemies hurling evil taught at you and laughing at you because you are completely naked. JESUS went through that for you. Though JESUS is fully GOD, HE stepped down from heaven into HIS creation earth and placed HIMself into the womb of a woman to become a full Man so that HE could go through everything that we have to go through and come through every single temptation without fail. Here is something you need to understand, Adam had the very same Glory operating with him as JESUS did. The scales were balanced very evenly JESUS came to show us that it is possible to escape every single temptation that satan hurls our way. Know this the backdrop changes, the cast of characters changes, but the plot, the writer, and the director never change. Lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life will always be how satan will tempt us.

Where is your attention?

Isaiah 45:22, Ps. 22:27, 65:5, Hebrews 12:2, Phil. 2:8, Ps. 110:1


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