Doubt Pt. 2

Too much pressure on self

Matthew 28:16-20

Okay, as I write this article it will be done so as I envision of that time as to how we today may go forward after we have witnessed the crucifixion of JESUS.

I am a woman who is a close follower of JESUS, a disciple and I have come with my sister girlfriend who also is a disciple to anoint the corpse of JESUS as is the custom during that time. We are met and scared senseless from seeing heavenly angels at the tomb who are telling us that JESUS has risen. We have been given the assignment to go and tell the men disciples who at that time were only twelve because the trader Judas Iscariot had committed suicide for his role in the capture of JESUS. As we are undoubtedly run with excitement to tell of the news, we have just received, JESUS comes alongside us and says “Rejoice”! As we fall to HIS feet crying, yelling, slobbering, and mucus running from our nose, praising HIM, and overjoyed to see HIM Alive. JESUS gives us instructions but before I continue take notice. JESUS said, “do not be afraid”, why would JESUS say this? Because mentally we cannot wrap our minds around what our eyes and even our body are experiencing, there is a whirlpool of emotions going on now. I am certain that most of you have experienced this at some point in your life. Then I and my sister’s girlfriend calm down just enough to coherently hear the next words that will be spoken to us which are our instructions. Go and tell “MY brothers” “to go” to Galilee and there they will “see ME”.

The underlined is to magnify that JESUS calls us HIS brothers and that we are to go meaning that we are to always be in motion with the Good News.

I continue, we are running and falling so we can deliver this awesome news as we are still trying to wrap our minds around the fact that we have touched and seen JESUS Alive! I am getting excited just typing this out. After we reach the place where we are hiding out for fear of the soldier’s army and such because it may have been possible that they have been instructed to kill all who followed JESUS. We are gasping to tell our fellow disciples or brothers what we have witnessed and to give to them the instructions given to us.

I believe that half-heartedly our brothers went to Galilee in disbelief and curiosity to see for themselves if the man that their sisters saw, touched, and had been instructed was JESUS or some sort of hoax. Maybe some of them discussed that they think we may have lost our minds. After, reaching Galilee the place where they were instructed to meet JESUS, they see HIM for themselves. And they too fell and began to worship HIM at HIS feet.

Now, we read in the scriptures that some of the disciples doubted, they had hesitation, because it was difficult for them to believe what they were seeing. I do not think that we should bad-mouth them for doubting what they heard, what they were seeing, and what they were feeling. After all, this is a first-time occurrence. They have witnessed JESUS performing miracles of raising the dead and that had not been witnessed by them before. Their doubt came because they did not remember that JESUS told them that HE would return to them. And I believe that because of them not remembering this that it was based on them not believing.

In our lifetime what is it that we hesitated about regarding any situation, who is it that after we saw them unexpectedly, we disbelieved just for a fraction of a second that we were looking at someone we deeply love? You see the same emotions that those early disciples had we have them too. We are either too hard on the people we read about in the scriptures, or we do not put ourselves in those situations based on our lives today. People are people all over the world and we have the same experiences.

Now, let us look at these powerful verses of scripture, which are so simplistic; it answers the questions that any of us may have in wanting to know what is it that we are to do for JESUS. These verses are called The Great Commission [what we are to do and say] JESUS HIMself has committed us to do as HE instructed. JESUS is the ONE who has appointed HIS chosen disciples to a charge of duty. JESUS has entrusted us to deliver with authority, power, and strength given to us from HIS Holy Spirit. This is our authority given, our call to duty, the charge; the mandate; and order.

We are to follow the orders of JESUS who has been given All Authority in heaven and earth. When we do not follow and obey what someone with authority has given to us, we do so because we are hesitant, nervous, scared, and unsure for various reasons. We are putting pressure on ourselves based on our abilities and strength when we are to place full responsibilities on JESUS. You know what we say, “do not shoot the messenger”. Okay, we are the messengers, not the ones who commissioned ourselves to carry out what is to be done and spoke. Think of it this way, we are employed, and we are begrudged to do things that we are told to do. Why? Most often we are unsure, we have doubts. If a problem arises what is the first thing that we say? “I did what I was told to do by [whatever the team leader, project manager, or supervisor’s name is, you get it].” It is the same with executing The Great Commission that has been given to us. In the beginning, we step out having doubts, we are hesitant, and we are unsure how people will respond to us. However, the more we continue and see the success the bolder we become because now our faith is no longer wavering. If some of us have not begun let us begin to incorporate this into our life.

  1. Make disciples where you are.
  2. Baptize in the name of The FATHER, The SON, and The Holy Ghost/Spirit.
  3.  Teach to observe all the things that JESUS has commanded.
  4. Remember, JESUS is with us all the time, HE will never leave us, and HE will never leave us abandoned.



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