None of us really consider just how powerful our words are. Oh yes, when we come to JESUS and learn how our words hurt another we curtail how we speak to another person. But we never think about what we say throughout the remainder of our consciousness. According to a study used at A. U. B. R. P. was used to capture actual words being used as people speak. An electronically activated recorder (EAR for short), the EAR is a digital voice recorder that records 30 seconds every 12.5 minutes. This allows the researchers to capture 5% of every day. They had a sample set size of 396 (210 women and 186 men). On average people speak approximately 31,884 in a day (6/19/14 A.U.B.R.P). By the way, the most talkative were the men.

Now, with all that being written and it may or may not have peeked your interest. Let me share with you that it does tie into with what I would like to share.

We are a part of a global family, a kingdom not found here on earth and our FATHER is GOD, our big brother is JESUS and our teacher is the Holy Spirit. We are royalty and we are heirs, joint heirs with CHRIST JESUS. Every promise HE promised us belongs to us but we must not believe HIM because we don’t take what belongs to us. Or maybe you are like me, you believe HIM and you ask or pray for what you need and because you have peace about it, you thank HIM for it and move on. Only to never see what you need manifest when you need it or it comes many years down the road when you have forgotten all about it until it shows up and then you recall asking for it. I used to say this and I know that many others say this, that faithful unbiblical saying, “he may not come when you want him, but he’s right on time”. Here is another quote I hear people say that I don’t like, “he does not give you what you want, he gives you what you need”. [I wrote he in lower case to prove that we have lowered the all-powerful GOD to our level].

Number 1 – keep this in mind that we all have everything that we say out of our mouth.

Number 2 – whatever we say that reveals the type of person we are.

Number 3 – whatever we think about, that is what is truly within our heart.

The operation of how we operate is in this manner whatever is within our heart wells up into our mind and we begin to think about it so that we can hear it. After we have heard it we decide to say it after we say it, it comes into being at some point in time. It may not manifest for us to see today, but it will manifest in one of our tomorrows.

Now that we are in the family of CHRIST JESUS we have a possession, an important possession that many people never consider but take for granted. Ask a homeless person would they like to have a key to their very own home and I’m certain they would say yes. Keys are never considered important until we misplace them or no longer have them to a place we can call home. Keys are something that has been given to each and every one of us who are the children of GOD the blood washed, born again believers in CHRIST JESUS. Yet, many of us never use them.

Our home is the kingdom of heaven, how many of us go there, take our key open up the front door and enter in? How many of us unlock the many individual doors to what awaits us behind them? We have many keys that we have to use for our various needs which differentiate according to our maturity in our relationship with JESUS. The more mature we are and when HE graduates us to a higher level there are demons and situations that we will need a different key to unlock a door for an answer to resolve that situation to get that blessing.

We are natural people on a natural earth but we have not gotten the concept that we are spiritual beings first that should be ruling our natural flesh and emotions. Our spirits should be binding / tying up tightly every evil thing that we encounter or for you personally. Not someone else you. The reason I’m writing it this way is because some of us take things too far, for example, just because we don’t like a certain style of music we want to bind it up from another when all we should do is remove ourselves from the area where it’s being played. When we have a habit or desire that we no longer want to be involved with and we want deliverance to say that the particular thing is being bound up then we should not go back and untie the thing. Because everything we say we are tying up here on earth, heaven has heard us and it will be tied up there too and locked away behind closed doors and no one can get it out but you.

Do you recall that old saying “loose lips sink ships”? That’s a worldly way of saying “whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Say it today, and at some point in time it will manifest, may not be today, but it will come in your tomorrows. So make sure that everything that comes from your mouth is really what you want to say because oral words cannot be erased. Once a person has said those words it’s a done deal. Especially if the person has a humble heart and understand. The first day you spoke a prayer, made a request or just spoke heaven heard the words. Persevere because there are demons in the air holding up the angels who have been dispatched with our answers, our persistence in praying for our answer to come will cause Michael to help the angels out as he did before when Daniels prayers were held up for 21 days. We must keep knocking, we must get on heaven’s nerves not that we can but take instruction from the woman in Luke 18:1-5. Better yet, children.   

Matthew 16:19


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