What’s your problem

What’s your problem? The beam in your eye.

A great mistake all humans make is to believe that we are better than one another. We all do; none of us can see our own faults. Yet we see clearly the faults of others and believe that we can help better the lives of others.

If we could truly be honest with ourselves and view how we do things; see; speak and think we will know that we don’t have the right to judge anyone.

As a child as most of you older adults know we grew up with “do as I say, not as I do”. Adults are good for teaching rules that they themselves break. This is unreasonable because humans mimic what they hear and see. We have engrafted within sin; so we by nature are going to go against the Word of GOD. Then there are the things that we have been taught by adults. Let me give you an example: Profanity is used in your home and everywhere the child goes outside the home profanity is heard. You hear the child use profanity; you punish the child then tell the child to do as you say not as you do. What sense does that make? If profanity is being used in your home; why are you using it in front of the child? For a window of time in my young life I remember when adults did not use profanity in front of children and women (ladies). You can see the smallest piece of dust (fault) in another person but you don’t recognize the beam/plank (huge fault) in your life. What’s your problem?

Before you can help someone become victorious over anything you must first be victorious in that same area. You are a hypocrite if you struggle with anything and pretend that you don’t have your own issues. Yet you want to tell someone of their problems. What is your problem?

Work on your problems first then allow people to see that you are an overcomer in that negative area of your life. Don’t judge or stop judging others; let people who knew that you struggled in something see your victory. Let them ask you for help or suggest how you got over your situation. Be a cheerleader for them; everyone needs to be encouraged. Life is a struggle when we decide to do what JESUS did or would do; see as JESUS does; think as JESUS does according to the Word of GOD.

The measuring rod is not you but the Word of GOD. 

Scripture reference & definition

Matthew 7:1-5; Luke 6:41-42 & 2 Corinthians 4:6

Beam – a weaver’s frame or principal beam; a crossbeam; a thick plank; a large piece of wood used for building purposes. Slang use for little and great faults.  

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