Love-Matthew 22:37-39


Of all the commandments given to man the greatest of all is to love the LORD GOD. But notice the scripture actually reads; “love the LORD your GOD.” However, how is this possible when GOD is neither our LORD nor our GOD? Until we come to the realization of who GOD is and who JESUS is we will just know that GOD is someone that we hear of but have no knowledge of what HE has done; is doing or will do. It’s the same with JESUS; we view JESUS as the baby in the manger on CHRISTmas and hanging on the cross on Easter. Other than that we don’t think of GOD and we definitely do not speak of HIM. When HIS name crosses the lips of an unbeliever; it’s to blaspheme HIS holy name with profanity or to swear by HIS name which is also blasphemous. GOD cannot be our LORD unless we invite HIM into our lives through HIS SON JESUS. And even then for the most part we at the least will have HIM as our Savior but we have not made HIM our LORD. I like to call believers that have JESUS as a Savior only; those who have fire insurance. It’s without a doubt they will spend eternity in heaven but if they are not living an Overcomers or Victorious life through HIM; it is safe to say that this type of CHRISTian has not made JESUS LORD over their lives. We have not given every part of self to HIM. We want to either continue to do our own thing or we are not being taught how to be an Overcomer due to JESUS being LORD in our lives. A non-believer cannot love the LORD GOD because by mans very nature we are enemies of GOD. We don’t want to speak about this and we definitely don’t want to acknowledge this; but the god of a non-believer is satan. The lord over the life of non-believers is satan and we show our love to him by obeying all his commandments. The sad thing is we don’t even realize this. A believer on the other hand begins to grow in love with GOD as Savior through JESUS but how long must you cheat yourself by not making HIM LORD? The commandment is very clear; “love the LORD your GOD.” Is GOD your LORD; if HE is not then it’s impossible for you to love HIM in the manner in which HE has commanded us to LOVE HIM. So how is it that HE desires us to love HIM? “With all our heart; with all our soul and with all our mind. In other words with our entire heart; soul and mind. The first beat of our heart when we arise should be consumed with JESUS; our emotions are to flood towards JESUS and our thoughts should be directed towards JESUS. In vice versa this should be the last as we drift to sleep. So if you are a born again believer reading this publication ask yourself if you have surrendered fully into JESUS. You have given all your bad habits to HIM; you have given all your negative short comings to HIM; you have decided to trust in JESUS no matter what the cost. If you lose friends and family; so be it. JESUS is the better friend and family member; HE has promised that HE would never leave us nor forsake us; so let them go. They’ll be back once they see for themselves that your GOD really is the LORD GOD. Also once you truly learn and understand how to love GOD in the manner that HE requires; you will find that loving people is not difficult. This will fulfill the request to love your neighbor as yourself. Loving the LORD your GOD will cause you to love yourself and from that love you will love all mankind and all mankind is our neighbor.

Reference: Deuteronomy 6:5; Leviticus 19:18; Mark 12:30; 1 John 4:19 and Mr. Rogers: “Would you be my neighbor?”

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