Unfortunately, we all have a carnal and sinful nature that causes us to show partiality towards people. It begins as young as when we are infants. When someone desires to hold us or come near us and we don’t like them, we begin to cry. As we get older, if we don’t get our way with playing the way we want to play, we don’t like them. That evolves into how a person is groomed, or what they do or do not have and we begin to set them apart or accept them. Partiality is all about being biased and judgmental and nothing to do with love, tender affection, and truth.

We need to take a good look at ourselves and thank the LORD GOD that HE does not show any partiality towards us. Because if when we were lost sinners, nonbelievers, doing our own thing out there. And HE had not come looking for us, there is no telling where some of us would be or what we would be doing. Some of us were so far down the rabbit hole all we could see was darkness and no exit sign. We wanted out but saw no hope or chance of escape. And then there are others of us who from the view of others could have done no wrong but we knew that we were still a sinner going to hell just as those who were into everything. Because though sin causes the actions it’s nonbelieving in JESUS in our heart and the not confessing from our mouth that JESUS is the LORD that is the true sin. Once we believe in our heart that JESUS is and confess with our mouth that JESUS is the LORD because we trust in HIM sin will no longer have authority over and in our lives.

There are many gods and they mean absolutely nothing, they come in the form of orbits, stars, people, places, things, and animals. They are idols and people worship these insignificant gods under the directive of satan himself. But the LORD GOD HE is GOD the One and only true GOD. HE is the GOD of gods and HE is the LORD of lords, HE is even the GOD of satan and his demons. My GOD is awesome and mighty, great in splendor, HE shows no partiality to anyone.

In the LORD GOD and with the LORD GOD there simply is no partiality. There is, favor, grace, healing, love, and mercy and the list can go on but it’s too numerous because HE’s just that awesome and wonderful to us.

As I was sitting here writing and thinking, it dawned on me that even those who don’t believe benefit from the LORD GOD as long as they are breathing. But when you die and you die in your sins and you are a nonbeliever, there will be partiality but it won’t be from the LORD GOD. It will be from you, you showed partiality in your life by rejecting JESUS and your outcome, your reward is to spend eternity in hell and the lake of fire with satan and his demons. Nonbelievers make it possible for hell and the lake of fire to never be full and that fire, that bottomless pit says never enough.   

Acts 10:34; Deut. 10:17; Romans 2:11


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