GOD’s ambassador


In the Old Testament Levites were the Priest of GOD. Today in the New Testament the Priest of GOD are all of HIS children. We should never take our responsibility for granted. In the OT we are informed to preserve the knowledge of GOD through safeguarding it and keeping it pure. We should not only inquire but require instruction among each other. We are the true messengers of the Good News/Gospel of CHRIST JESUS.

2 Corinthians 5:20 the apostle Paul wrote that we are the ambassadors/representatives of CHRIST JESUS and it is through us that GOD speaks to those who are void of the knowledge of the finished works CHRIST JESUS has already completed perfectly. The finished works are acceptable to the FATHER. There is nothing more to be required of HIM to do, HE is not coming back to earth to repeat anything that HE has already said and done and HE is not coming back to earth to change all that HE has said and done. People need to be reconciled/reunited back to GOD.

Ephesians 6:20 the apostle Paul did not allow his circumstances such as being a prisoner and shackled keep him from speaking what needed to be said regarding CHRIST JESUS. He spoke only that which the Holy Spirit gave him to speak because all that the Holy Spirit reveals is truthful and perfect. Much like the apostle Paul we too should be bold, and courageous in what GOD has given to us to share with others. All of us do not need to be ordained into the clerical ministry because all of us were not designed to be so. We are however all ambassadors/ministers/representatives and we must find our niche as to how to relate to others about CHRIST JESUS. Our audience is vast and we can share CHRIST JESUS on the street, in school, in our employment, on public transportation and any other place people are. Just because you are not ordained by GOD first then your pastor to be apart of the fivefold ministry does not count those who are not out. Just say only what the Holy Spirit has given to you to say and you will be just fine.

Mal. 2:7


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