Matthew 10

Are you being sent prepared with power or are you just going? When JESUS sent out the twelve disciples HE gave them power. There are far too many people who are in leadership who say that they have been sent by JESUS; yet they have no power. Whenever anyone is sent out to represent anyone; they are given power/authority to do what the person with the reputation is known for. Not only did JESUS provide them with the power that was needed to get the job done; HE also gave explicit instructions that were to be followed.

1.     Do not go; do not enter.

2.     Go; to specific people.

3.     JESUS told them what to say and do.

4.     Heal, Cleanse, Raise and Cast.

5.     Freely give.

6.     Take no money; take only with you what you are wearing; nothing extra for warmth and walk using your own strength not needing to lean or to be supported by something.

7.     Find out who has a distinguished character; someone that people look up to.

8.     Do not go from house to house; remain the guest of the one who has invited you in.

9.     Acknowledge/speak to all who are in the home.

10.   Still, tranquil, serenity of the mind and spirit.

11.   Get rid of the disappointment, resentment all negative reactions that you experienced down to the dirt on our shoes.

12.   Be wise and harmless.

13.   Beware / be aware.

14.   Flee /run.

15.   Do not fear.

16.   Speak in the light/ understanding.

17.   Proclaim.

18.    Do not fear.

19.   Fear ME.

20.   Do not fear.

21.   Confess ME.

Of the twenty-one explicit instructions JESUS gave to the disciples; notice that three times HE said “do not fear”.

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