Matthew 4


JESUS was led by the Spirit (The Holy Spirit); sometimes we too are led or allowed by the Spirit to be tested. Unlike JESUS; HE was led because we needed to know that we too in our weaken state can overcome the temptations of the enemy. For example; when we recognize that our emotion is leaning towards the negative because someone has said an unkind word to us. Will we give into the temptation to debate back with that person or will we stand in an atmosphere of praise to The LORD GOD? Such as ignoring the negative language and attitude towards us or laughing at the negative situations being hurled towards us. Many of us can’t get past one day without food and drink before we feel weak; imagine how weak JESUS had to be after fasting forty days and nights. How amazing is it that the enemy no longer recognized the SON of the living GOD and that he tried to cause doubt as to who HE is by using the word “if”. In verse 6 of this chapter; the enemy used “if” in the form of a noun because (1) he was not sure or did not recognize JESUS; (2) he was trying to place doubt into JESUS; wanting HIM to question who HE is. When the enemy comes at us and tries to create doubt in us as to whom we are in The LORD GOD through CHRIST JESUS; we must be able to give an answer as to who we are just as we can provide an answer as to who our earthly parents or guardians are. Also when the enemy comes at us to create an atmosphere of proof as to what The LORD GOD will do for us because we belong to The LORD GOD through CHRIST JESUS. We must understand and realize that we have no need to prove anything. Have you ever had to prove to those you introduce your parents or guardians to that they are just who you say they are or was your word good enough? We don’t pull out our birth certificates or adoption or other legal forms to prove to anyone who we are and who we belong to or what will be done on our behalf because we belong. The LORD GOD said that HE will give HIS angels charge over our lives; not only must we know this but we must also know how to dispatch our angels with GOD’s word so that they may do just what GOD said HE will do in our lives. The enemy always makes empty promises; he never keeps a one and he never tells us the truth regarding the consequences that will happen to us when we give in to his request. When the enemy promises us that we will get what we want if we lie about something or someone; he never tells us that we lose points with people trusting us. The enemy never tells us that when we tell one lie we will begin a life style of lying. The enemy never tells us that we will have to remember the lies we told so that hours, days, weeks, months or years later when the subject comes back up we will have to remember just what we said at that original time. The enemy can’t give us anything but grief; when we do as he said he wins for a moment because he has stolen from us. It is true that at all times when we ignore the demands of the enemy that The LORD GOD will be pleased with us and we will be ministered to by HIS angels and HIS Holy Spirit. We are not alone when the enemy comes against us; GOD’s Holy Spirit is within us ready to provide us with what we need to escape the enemy. Today in most church buildings we don’t witness people being healed and this is sad. There is no reason why we should have so many sick among us today. But when there is division among the body of CHRIST as to what is for today and what was during the time JESUS walked this earth; faith is either non-existent or it waivers because we are not sure what to believe. But I tell you healing is for today and if any of us attend a church service where healing is not the norm or it’s not believed in; then I challenge you to read, study, believe and have faith for your own healing and allow the active Word of GOD to do just what it’s supposed to do in our lives. Then show that healing off to all who knew you suffered. I’m telling you that JESUS took every kind of sickness and disease known and unknown to us. We are healed not we are going to be healed but we are healed. To the non-believers who say; well what about people in wheel chairs; the blind; the deaf and so on? I say they too are healed; we don’t pay any attention to the outward appearance because our flesh is temporary but our spirit is eternal. There are times when we will see our flesh no longer in a state of suffering but even if we don’t; we must take on the attitude of so what; my flesh is being challenged with this or that. But I’m healed from all sickness and diseases.

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