What makes a person good? Can we cause ourselves to be good? The answer is found in the heart. What’s in our heart and who lives in our heart?

We can find examples of good men, such as the Cushite who was told to deliver a message to King David about the death of his son Absalom. The Cushite told the truth about the LORD avenging versus Joab’s victory in which he wanted the king to know. Joab wanted a lie told but the Cushite told the truth.

Another example we can find is that only JESUS can cause a person to be good. Only in the righteousness of JESUS will we become gracious and know how and when to lend but most of all we will consider our brothers and sisters in the faith first so that we will lack no good thing. A good person who is righteous in their heart because of JESUS will always know how to guide their affairs with discretion. A good person is merciful from his soul. Good people will always leave an inheritance for their children. Good people are satisfied from JESUS and in JESUS. Good people in and from their heart have good treasures to give out to all, especially their brothers and sisters of the faith who are to come first. Good people are filled with the Holy Spirit and walk in faith for all things. And most important, we must realize that GOD alone is good, (Mt.19:17). Unaware the rich young ruler called JESUS, GOD. Though he was correct, JESUS was aware that he did not know what he was saying. Because the ruler only saw JESUS as a “Good Teacher”.

We must not minimize who JESUS is, JESUS is GOD without question. The scriptures makes this perfectly clear and those who have eyes to see will see and those who have ears to hear will hear.

People are quick to say GOD knows my heart. Yes, this is true but we don’t. We need JESUS desperately in our heart so that we may become good people. Daily I ask the FATHER to remove every dark, evil, sinful wickedness from my heart. I don’t want anything that is dark, I want JESUS to illuminate my heart. I don’t want a hint of mold in my heart, I want JESUS to wash and disinfect my heart. Anything and all things that is not like JESUS, I want in my heart because I want HIS character and integrity to be revealed within me. Me, myself and I, are not good but in CHRIST JESUS, I am good because of HIS righteousness.   

Psalms 37:23, Proverbs 20:24

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