Mercy-Matthew 23:23

This scripture deals with minimal performance. Here it is said that there are three things that matter:

Judgment-make a decision, form an opinion objectively, authoritatively, wisely, especially in matters affecting action; good sense; discretion.

Mercy-compassion, kindness, pity, benevolence.

Faith-belief that is not based on proof, the obligation of loyalty, promise, vow, allegiance. Most important; the trust in GOD and in HIS promises as made through CHRIST and the Scriptures by which humans are justified/saved.

JESUS points out that giving the first ten percent of their herbs which were named anis, cummin, mint and rue were rigid practices of the law that meant little to nothing. Remember it is the LORD who provides anyway so we are actually offering back to HIM what belongs to HIM. Faith, judgment and mercy are expressions of the heart, which we are in character and integrity. The LORD GOD has already informed us what it is we are to do. Do justly, love mercy, and to walk humbly with your GOD. How is this misinterpreted? Hypocrites pay more attention to the lesser than the greater; hypocrites pretend to have or to be something they are not. A hypocrite can play church but in reality the church is not in them. A hypocrite can play at loving you when in reality they stab you in the back. A hypocrite can play at many things but a hypocrite fail to play a true believer because they will never be able to confess that JESUS is The LORD; they will never be able to confess the Power of the Blood of JESUS. Yet they will confess some of the promises in the bible and yet live or say the opposite. For example; “by HIS stripes I’m healed” “my headaches, my back aches, I’ve got a cold, I got the flu and so on. There is away to make these claims without making JESUS a liar which HE’s not anyway. The real you; the spiritual you can never be sick or in pain. But your flesh can, it would be better to say that my flesh aches in my head or back. Or my flesh is suffering with a cold or flu. After all when we take medications they are not to heal our spirit but our flesh. Don’t pretend be genuine with your decisions; your mercy towards others and humility.

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