I bet when we hear the word mountain, we immediately think of the majestic hill made from stone with an elevation up into the thousands. Or maybe the mountains that have been tunneled out for the highways that we travel through. Well, dear hearts these are not the mountains that I’m going to write about. Actually in scripture when JESUS spoke about the mountain HE was letting us know that no matter how high, or hard something may seem in our life, it can be moved out of the way if we will only believe.

It is my suggestion for every believer to go to the local nursery to purchase a packet of mustard seeds, you may even be able to make this purchase from your Christian Bible Book Store. We all need to have something to look at that will remind us of what we are capable of doing through JESUS CHRIST. After your purchase prints out an image of a mustard tree, we need to see what one seed can produce because it is known that from the smallest seed grows the largest tree. And JESUS tells us that we are all given the same measure of faith but it’s up to each of us to cultivate our own faith. So, do we allow our faith to remain where it was when we first believed and received JESUS as our personal Savior? Or do we attend worship service, Bible study, study the Word of GOD, pray, and build our relationship with the FATHER and JESUS? So that our faith can grow and allow CHRIST JESUS to become our LORD. Many say that they trust JESUS but actions prove differently. I have met Christians who will say one moment something great about JESUS or will be reading their Bible and the next will complain about their finances. Finances are mountains.

I believe because most of us use the version you can say to this mountain versus saying you can say to this mulberry tree is because it’s not understood the meaning behind the mulberry tree. Well, I didn’t either for many decades this is why we must continue to study. In Hebrew, mulberry is bakah which means to weep. And the mulberry tree when written plural in the Old Testament is bekaim which is weeping and is closely tied to the aspen or the trembling poplar. So, how does this help us? Simple, the pressure that we feel is the mountain/life that is on us which is why I will use another example, health. This causes weeping because we are not using our faith, we are not giving our health to JESUS. We are not living and reminding ourselves what JESUS has already informed us about our healing. Yes, it’s a fact that the test has detected something but it’s a greater fact that JESUS who knew us before we were placed into our mother’s womb, who designed us and have given us promises to take by faith will not fail us. Most health issues are generational curses this is why we have to fill out those questionnaires and are asked so many questions about our family history in the medical office. So pull that mountain up by the roots. Our ancestors more than likely had what we have been diagnosed with and if we don’t pull it up by the roots and cast it into the see where it will take root there, our descendants will have what we now have. So stop crying.

Some people believe everything but the Word of GOD, what’s up with that? We run tell this and we run tell that. We post this and we post that on social media without verifying anything. We need to get into GOD’s Holy Word and run tell that. Gossip about JESUS, allow HIM to do something that others can see that we ourselves and no one else can do but HIM. We may have, to begin with, something small, choose something to exercise faith with, what is it in our life that we need help with? What I did so many years ago was this, I sat down and made a list and prioritized it. I began with the least concern, found a scripture and by faith, I began to walk that thing out. I saw the hand of GOD move on whatever it was all I know is that I was so excited I moved to the next thing and did the same thing. What began to happen for me is that my faith in GOD and JESUS began to grow and I began to notice the possibilities all because I truly began to believe and not doubt one little bit.

It took me a bit longer to get this but I finally got it. Most of us have heard the stories about having a praying grandmother or some member of the family. Well, I’m certain I did as well, it’s just that my family was a wee bit unconventional about their religion. My second generation grandmother prayed and she was the one who taught me to pray as a wee lass. And my third generational grandmother prayed but she lived in South Carolina and I only got to spend time with her in the summer. What these two women prayed I will not know until I get to heaven I guess because my second generational grandmother did not attend church every Sunday and when I went to South Carolina I did attend church on Sunday. I do believe that someone, somewhere was praying for my family because my mother received the gift of salvation, then us kids, (all while teenagers) then my first generation grandmother. Of course, I will never know on this side of heaven who prayed for me, all I know is that it had to have been my ancestor/s and our heavenly FATHER kept HIS promise. HE saw that as for my ancestors the scripture will come to pass “As for me and my house we will serve the LORD”. I know that I remind myself of this and include this in my prayer when praying for my family. And it does look bleak but I don’t focus on what I can see with my natural eyes, I focus on the Word of GOD and HIS promises to me. If I will only believe, I will see the glory of GOD. And I’m letting you know that the same applies to you as well. Don’t allow the mountain/life to overtake you, you overtake the mountain/life.  

Matthew 17:20; Lk. 17:6; Mk. 9:23; Jn. 11:40


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