Influential Leaders

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Influential leaders lead well. How can we become leaders who influence others well? Simply put, being of help to them, encourage them, mentor and motivate them to succeed. When we instruct others we actually are pouring into them what we have to give.

Husbands and wives are the leaders in their home, parents are leaders to their children, employers are leaders to their employees. Do you realize that even when children are at play there is a leader among them that can influence the other kids to follow along with them?

In every association we spend quality time with a leader is there. Depending on the character and integrity that the leader has can motivate the followers to do that which should not be done. We see this a lot in the inner cities all over America.

 Leadership begins in the home and those leaders must be filled with JESUS and HIS Holy Spirit, leaders should pray with their family, be an example setter rather than constantly speaking about what should be done, be honest about all things these daily qualities will mold the family to become one that has integrity. So, when we exercise being influential leaders at home and go out to where our assignments are the school or workplace there will be those who will be influenced by our character through our conduct and integrity.

People that are influenced by us will bring about friendships. You know that saying “birds of a feather flock together” well, what the Bible informs us is “iron sharpens iron”.

Philippians 2:3-4 Everyone who does not know how to live in and walk in love shows a spirit of rivalry and vanity towards others. It should not be so with us the children of the Living GOD.

If you the reader are in the body of CHRIST and your character and integrity operate in being conceited, envious, or provoking another into anything negative. You are encouraged to ask the FATHER for HIS help in cleaning that out of you so that you can live in the Spirit of the living GOD and not the soul of self. Envy is bitter which causes us to only care about ourselves. We need to learn through CHRIST JESUS how to truly be humble in thinking that others are better than yourself. Not to the point of causing ourselves to invite that demonic spirit of low self-esteem but when someone admonishes us and we say thank you inform them that they too can do the very same thing. Be willing to share the knowledge that we have. Believe me when I write this that no person is an island to him/herself. There are others who can do what we do and possibly better. We get further ahead when we are willing to help others in the area they need help in. For example, I just shared with my friend how I have noticed throughout the carer of Mr. Eddie Murphy once he truly arrived in his craft that he is one who is willing to be a helper. Whenever he is working on a project he reaches out to those that he admired before he began to be a success and he helps those that will like to reach their goal as Mr. Murphy has. In some of his movies, you may find entertainers that have not worked in a generation or two. I believe that if he does this in the open I am positive that while we do not see or hear from him in a while that he is helping others.

 It does not take great financial gain to help anyone all it takes is our willingness to share what we have. No one is the only author, entertainer, chef, clergy, doctor, IT specialist, nurse, sports figure, teacher, and the list goes on. So lookout for the interest of others as well as your own but not just your own.

Gal. 5:26; James 3:14


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