Condemn/ation – Part I


I really had to put the time in to study about King’s David sin because I just could not see what had he done which was so bad. And then, the answer. Pride. The King began to believe the hype about his greatness and for a moment forgot that all his victories was because of the LORD GOD. A President, Potentates, Clergy, anyone in authority, and no one else is great because of their accomplishments we are victorious because of the KING of Kings and it will be wonderful if we were to retain this in the front of our memory. The King was responsible for the great people of Israel but he forgot that the attributions of his greatness to command these precious people had nothing to do with who he was. But what I love about the times that is recorded for us is that each time the King sinned against the LORD GOD he repented, he took ownership that he was a fool to trust in himself or to believe that whatever he desired he had a right to it. Verse one of 2 Sam. 24:10 is confusing because in the reading we don’t see the problem. But the answer is staring us right in our face in verse ten. Pride of the heart. Conviction is either found or missing in the heart. We will find in 1 Chronicles 27:23-24 that a census had been started by Joab but left incomplete because it angered the LORD GOD. So, if this angered the FATHER before what made the King believe that it was okay to go through with the census at a later date? The LORD GOD had not given the King instructions to take a census this was all his doing and besides there was no reason for this census. Warning, never be overconfident in self because there is absolutely nothing that we can do without the LORD GOD. Even to do wrong it’s because the LORD gives us the ability to move our bodies to accomplish the wrong goals. As Tye Tribbett so eloquently sang “No way I can make it without YOU”. We can’t wake up, go to sleep, groom ourselves or anything else. Humans unlike the LORD GOD does not judged our actions as we do of others. HE judges our heart the principle. HE is a discerner of our thoughts and the motives of our heart. HE judges according to truth. Another thing that we all need to be aware of is our own mouth, most of us talk too much. In our speaking it is very easy for us to condemn ourselves because we often speak before we think. When I was a child and was prone to lying my grandmother taught me that when a person tell lies the liar has to recall to memory the lie that was told. Most often the liar cannot recall the lies told and when questioned they most often will say that they did not say that or they will try to backpedal to come across as meaning something else. It is said that if any of us ever desire to know who someone is listen to them speak. Out of the mouth the heart will speak. Everything that we allow to come out of the heart, up through our vocal cords, over our untamable tongue and through the teeth will either condemn us or reveal our righteousness. Idle words spoken are inoperative and non-working in what is good. These type of words destroy, kill and steal from the soul of people who are not only speaking them but to those that hear them as well especially to the one they are being spoken to. And there is no such thing as I take those words back because words always find the bullseye we are either speaking life or death. Many people believe that when things go wrong for themselves or others that GOD is in opposition of them or others. This is not true, GOD no longer gets angry with what we do and this is because of HIS SON JESUS who endured the hardships that humans go through yet, sin was not to be found in HIM as it is found within us. Humans are often struggling in opposition to righteousness in earnest efforts to obtain one thing or another. Humans can find the most ridiculous things to be in dispute over and some live just to quarrel with others. Beloved, be at ease because our LORD and Savior has redeemed us, we take our refuge in HIM because we trust in HIM and because of this we have been acquitted of being condemned or guilty of sin. We can praise and give thanks to our LORD and Savior who will stand on the right of those who are poor in spirit and in need to be saved and those who are condemned by others. No weapon formed against us will prosper that includes the mouths of those who come against us to condemn us. So be at peace my beloved siblings in CHRIST JESUS we have been filled with righteousness and security to triumph over all those who are opposed to us this is our heritage in the LORD our GOD. The Savior our LORD has told us that in HIM we are reproduced, we are vindicated because HE imparts justification.

How it saddens me that religion is upheld over relationship with CHRIST JESUS. That the law is upheld over grace. People are robbed daily all because they trust more in people who will tell them to send in an offering for this or that and they will be blessed but the offering must be sacrificial. If we are to sacrifice anything let it be the sacrifice of compassion to all mankind cease condemning the innocent in CHRIST JESUS. Get to know CHRIST JESUS personally rather than through others. Cease from living the life of the hypocrite those in the world are very hypocritical but that is no surprise. Non-believers are often condemning those that attend service in their local assembly because they say there are so many hypocrites in there yet, they don’t have a problem working side by side, attending school, or living in their communities with them. Yes, though it is true that hypocrites do attend the weekly service in their local assembly it is in the hope that they realize that they are in need of help. Everyone is in there to be changed and to grow by the Word of GOD. So, why not get your hypocritical self in there right along with them? Let everyone come to an agreement that the pretense to be something that they are not is over and that the desire to be completely washed in the blood of CHRIST JESUS is needed to be found clean. Cease from making long prayers when all that is being done is the reciting of repetitive words, GOD heard us the first time. Learn to pray from the heart, sometimes a prayer of just calling on the name of CHRIST JESUS is more powerful than a speech. This is why it’s so important to have the Holy Spirit to pray through us because we most often don’t have a clue what to pray for. Now, non-believers the time is so very short because CHRIST JESUS is coming back for HIS own and you’re not believing in HIM is your acceptance to be condemn to hell because of your unbelief. You need to inquire how to escape hell and the lake of fire where you will be tormented eternally. Humans are guilty of condemning JESUS CHRIST who was and is innocent of the charges that were brought against HIM. Though Judas is the only one who sold HIM to the High Priest and elders for thirty pieces of silver. JESUS was aware of whom HE had chosen to walk with HIM for three years to witness the miracles, love, mercy, grace, kindness, patience, gentleness, joy, peace, goodness, self-control and HIS faithfulness. Just as there are some who shadow the righteous and pretend but have not allowed the CHRIST to enter into their heart today, nothing has changed.

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