My heart breaks for my country

I was conceived, was born and live in America. I am proud to be an American. I love my country. I was taught and have read that America was built on Godly principals and with all that has gone on in America I must honestly say that I don’t know how much of that is true versus fiction. What I do believe is that Europeans came to this country to express their beliefs in Christianity without being killed and persecuted for not following the dictates of a king or queen.

America has been lead by leaders known as Presidents for two hundred and thirty-five years. Since my walk with JESUS, I have always believed that Presidents should be Christians. I believe that not only are they to be Christians but they should stand firm in their faith regardless of what the majority has to say. After all they are leaders and very influential.

I don’t expect for them to preach the gospel; but I do expect them to carry out and perform the job in which they have been elected to do.

Now as a President if you have proclaimed that you are a Christian than I expect you to uphold “This is what GOD said” (Thus saith the LORD). You are not to bow down to the consensus of the people when it comes to GOD’s Word.

America is in crisis; America is anemic; America is sick with sin and we are not being led to righteousness. We have a President who has made history; well educated and likable. I voted for him and do not regret my decision. He has done some good in the time that he has been in office and it has not been easy for him or any other President that has had to make great difficult decisions for the good of the country. For several years sin has been speaking louder and louder about its rights to be legal. I say NO! Now sin has gained the ears of leaders where thought has been given to provide the right for sin to reign in America. But I inform the righteous that it’s not over. Remember what the Word of GOD instructs us to do. 2 Chronicles 7:14 this is not for the part-time or some-time christian; this is for the True Believing Christian; who really has a relationship with GOD The FATHER. We know what took place in Genesis 19; we know what GOD has said in Romans 1. Nothing found in these scriptures are debatable. Now my brothers and sisters I continue to encourage you we will stand on the Word of GOD and not turn away for any reason. We will remember; confess and pray in the manner of these scriptures; Ps. 33:5, 8, 10-12; 90:11-12

Our singing will be the confession of our lips as to who our GOD is and that HE does not change. And we will continue to pray for all those who are in authority for their hearts to be turned to righteousness in salvation.

Do not lose hope for the battle is not ours, it’s The LORDs!   

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