It’s been in existence since GOD spoke the very first word of creation and it became as HE said. Everything obeys thus say The LORD. Everyone should obey The LORD but don’t. Adam obeyed GOD until Eve was seduced by the age old serpent in the garden. Instead of Adam interrupting the conversation he stood by listening and watched. He then obeyed the voice of his wife and ate the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Now when you read [Genesis chapter 2 and 3] you will not find that Eve ate an apple or any other fruit. She and her husband with her ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The tree was a knowledge tree; its fruit was good and evil.  Its fruit could have been a floral bloom; a leaf an actual fruit that we may or may not be aware of any more. However, the description of the fruit is not in description of substance; it’s in a description of circumstance. I’ve heard throughout my life that had they been Adam they would not have eaten and we would not be in this mess today. Well, my take on that is this. JESUS came and restored everything back to GOD The FATHER and Creator of all. We accept JESUS for all that HE is and become saved; born again CHRISTians. We say that we have turned our backs on sin and then we find ourselves sinning. There are still born again CHRISTians who are straight out rebellious towards the Word of GOD. They pick and chose what they want to adhere to. There are born again CHRISTians who will follow the teachings of the Bible and will allow the Holy Spirit to raise them up in the knowledge of JESUS CHRIST. I remember being asked once; what is the highest form of praise to GOD? Of course I said Hallelujah. I was then told that the highest praise to GOD is obedience. I then realized that the highest audible praise is Hallelujah.  I thought to myself; how right that must be. Let me explain in a manner in which each and every one of us experience. A good parent/guardian will teach a child right from wrong. As we learn we know that if we do what is wrong our conscience begins to bother us; we hide when we are caught and we make up in our mind to no longer do that particular wrong again. Usually the very first teaching a person receives is [don’t touch]. We talk in the beginning; then we command and lastly we smack the back of the hand or tap the hind thigh. As we grow our teaching and learning become more intense. Once mature we become obedient citizens. How much different is it for our learning from GOD? GOD said that HE corrects HIS own; those HE love. After all HE is our FATHER. Prov. 3:12 and Rev. 3:19

When we live lives according to the teaching we obtained from our parents/guardians which reflect what we call good loving home training. Our parents/guardians swell up with pride in the achievements that their kid/s overcame what awaited them in the world. GOD is the same way; HE is proud of you and HE provides us with several things in heaven and on earth to show that HE is overjoyed with our obedience and the fact that we are Overcomers. Rom. 3:4; 1 John 5:1-5; and Rev. 12:11 there are many other scriptures that support this fact.

So when you are not sure what the right thing is to do; ask yourself these questions; it’s always been a help to me before I came to JESUS and afterwards.

  • How will my decision affect my parents/guardian?
  • How will my decision affect my spouse?
  • How will my decision affect my kid/s?
  • How will my decision affect my relationship with my FATHER and JESUS?

Before I came to JESUS I asked questions of myself that would affect my parents & grandmother. After I came to JESUS I asked myself questions in this order that would affect my relationship with JESUS; my husband; children and my parents and grandmother. 9 times out of 10 those questions to myself kept me on the right track of obedience. That tenth time I was clearly walking in disobedience. I did it or said it because I wanted to. Simple as that. Now here is the backup scripture for not being sure if what you are doing is right or wrong.

Look towards JESUS who is perfect; it is HE that has set you free. Do what HIS Word say and don’t forget; GOD will bless you for doing it. James 1:25

When you disobey GOD either by choice which will be a sign of immaturity or because you just did not know. When you don’t know; you will not be held accountable. Understand that obedience is a verb which means action. Listening is not enough and it does not make us right with GOD. We must obey; this is what makes us right in HIS sight. Rom. 2:13

GOD is working within us giving us the desire and the power to do what pleases HIM. Philippians 2:13

Would you believe that there are some who think that GOD does not know what is best for them? LOL, I find that funny.

The LORD will withhold no good thing from those who obey HIM. Ps. 84:11

Joy comes to those who obey GOD and search for HIM with all their hearts. Ps. 119:2

Anyone who obeys GOD will live forever with HIM. 1 John 2:17 

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