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September 4, 2020

Communion in the Holy Spirit-2 Corinthians 13:14

When I was a child, whenever the adults were about to take their leave, I would hear them say more than just a mere farewell, good-bye, or see you later. I would hear them say to one another something like, I want you and your family to be well/take care, or remain well and hope to see you soon. Today, when we bid someone that we have a short visit with a salutation it is not done as formal as I can recall from my childhood. Most often it is quick and with no heartfelt thought along with it.

When we read the scriptures we see the salutations written but never put much thought into them, and when in Saturday, Sunday, or mid-week formal worship service, we may hear from the ministry leader be it the pastor, elder, or deacon/ness the salutation after the service but that is done rather religiously which is only a practice of duty by performance. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the salutations offered after the worship service but if these salutations which have been written in the Word of GOD are not genuine emotions from the heart, why say them at all? And, why are they not said during the times when we are not gathered formally to worship GOD or something close to being loving when we leave the company of others either in person or after speaking on the telephone?

Everything, written in the Word of GOD carries with it meaning, those words written on the pages for our edification are not simply placed there to take up space on a page. Though the verse of text that we will be reading is a salutation, let us dissect the meaning of what was said during those days as well as the message that is for us today.

The grace of the LORD JESUS the CHRIST 

The beginning of this salutation begins with receiving or continue to receive GOD’s free unearned favor, HIS goodwill, HIS kindness, GOD’s free unearned love, the source and all the benefits that we receive from HIM, to be influenced by the FATHER, the WORD/JESUS, and the Holy Spirit, GOD’s grace is sufficient for you. To continue to be renewed in our hearts and kept restraint from sin. The application of CHRIST righteousness to the sinner, where sin exists grace exists more abundantly. The restoration, friendly relations with/to GOD. And, the fact that we have been pardon from the guilt we once had and the sentence of twice death as the punishment we were to receive.


GOD the FATHER because HE LOVES us has a desire to be very close/near us. HE is approachable. HE is well pleased with HIS children. GOD wants to be connected to HIS creation mankind. GOD loves speaking with HIS children. GOD has written to us Love stories and letters which are not only about HIMself but to us. Even the warnings are given to us out of HIS LOVE for us. HE has given us examples to either emulate or keep far from. The Living GOD is affectionate, not standoffish. When we think about GOD, when we speak about GOD, we are either thinking or speaking Love because the very essence of GOD is that HE is LOVE. Every person knows this but every person does not believe this, GOD LOVES mankind so much that HE gave to us HIS ONE and only SON JESUS from HIMself (this is what begotten means, only a male can beget a baby). From the very beginning of JESUS taking on the likeness of mankind, HE has been giving. And to what some want to believe as being the end of JESUS that is a most definite lie from the pit of hell. The death on the cross that HE so willingly went through for us [all mankind] is a gift to us, and what do you do with a gift but give it away to the person you want to have it. GOD’s LOVE for mankind is that we take on the life of HIS SON JESUS and truly live now in HIM and eternally with HIM.

Communion of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit desires to be with us always this is called fellowship. This is called companionship, something most people are looking for. When the saints gather with one another it is because we all have a common interest, JESUS. Likewise, the Holy Spirit has only one common interest with us and that is JESUS. He is the Spirit of Truth and He only repeats and teaches only that which JESUS tells Him to speak and instruct us on. Having the Holy Spirit to be our companion He looks out for us, He warns us of impending danger ahead and He constantly reminds us of what GOD’s Word has said about every situation we are apart of.


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