Here is a word that we never associate with our daily style of living unless it has something to do with something that has great importance to us. Our actions must fit or what is being asked of us must come at a convenient time; a time which is favorable for the purpose; or a suitable time combined with other favorable circumstances. We don’t like to miss out on opportunities that we deem favorable but we never consider that there are opportunities that are lurking all around us continually if we are not watchful that could cause us to fall. These opportunities are really for those who are concerned about living according to Ten Commandments which is the law rather than the One Commandment which is love left by JESUS. That one commandment will fill the entire law completely and we never have to memorize and work on doing the rituals associated with those Ten Commandments that no one ever does because they are not aware that they have to do those as well. How is it that Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph who lived before the law was written were considered righteous and we who have been set free from the law that was written by Moses from GOD are being considered unrighteous if we don’t obey and follow the law?

I would just like to use something that we can relate to in the here and now throughout this blog. It is true that each and everyone of us though cute and cuddly at birth, we are sinners coming through that birth canal or out of our mother’s belly. And after that oohing and aahing is over immediately someone should be praying for the salvation of that child. Because as the child gets older and begins to show it’s independence we will begin to see the signs of sin, it may begin with taking something that does not belong and will lie about that or our telling the child that they cannot have a sweet and they take one anyway. We will see the evidence and when we ask them about it, they will lie and say no or how about when a mess is made and that cute child knows nothing about it. Sure biblically we will have to follow the rules in child rearing according to the book of Proverbs but never the less this child is a sinner that took advantage of an opportunity that was there. The child knew the risk and took the chance. And this is the same thing we do as adults. We gamble with opportunities we ponder over desires that we know we should not do, places we should not go, and people we should not be with.

Let’s face it, if we are drivers and we are in a 25 mile an hour zone and we are in a hurry to get somewhere, driving at this speed will not do it for us. So we go anywhere from 35-45 if it’s a residential street. We do this because the opportunity presented itself to us, we are taking a chance, we don’t see the speed camera and we don’t see the police so we go for it. But if the law stops us then we have to cease to the law or pay the fine that the law has placed on us because of our transgression, our disobedience. And I already know that most of us will become a bit angry because the law caught us but this is how life goes when we don’t understand what opportunity by the commandment is.

The law cares less about why we are breaking the law at the time we are breaking the law and I do know that there are times when our breaking the law is justified. If the law (police) stops us while we are breaking the law and we explain, the law will escort us to where we need to be. If the speed camera gets us we may have to go to court and stand before the Judge to inform him/her of what was going on such as a husband is transporting his wife to the hospital for the delivery of their child, or there was a medical emergency with a family member (your child, your spouse, your parents, or your grandparents). We must always recognize good and evil opportunities no one can stop us but us. So be aware.

Romans 7:8, 4:15, 3:20


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