download (1)I give my FATHER in heaven the glory that HE so rightly deserves for not only did HE from the beginning create me in HIS image to resemble HIMself. HE sent HIS only begotten SON whom HE said in the atmosphere that JESUS is HIS beloved and that we are to listen to HIM. In this hearing not only in our ears but in our spirits we begin to hear, live, think, see and most awesomely do greater things than HE did while HE was here on earth with us in the flesh. We resemble JESUS in our character and integrity because we take from HIM the same form and likeness. In our salvation through CHRIST JESUS, we are made agreeable and suited.

Oh, my dear CHRISTian siblings, GOD our FATHER causes everything that is every single thing; every particular thing; the sum total of all. To work together and to cease working against all of us who truly love and are conformed to HIS purpose. We were known in the heart and mind of our FATHER before HE spoke the creations into being. HE had already determined from the beginning that we were going to be conformed to the pattern of HIS SON JESUS. CHRIST JESUS is the first-born of all HIS brothers and sisters through HIM. And because we were determined in the beginning that we were conformed, those HE conformed HE determined righteous and because it is HE that conformed us to be righteous through HIM we are glorified through HIM. Okay, now that we are armed with this knowledge we are to no longer be conformed to this world and obey the cravings of the flesh. We are to be transformed in our heart and mind for in our thinking we will become renewed so that we will know the will of GOD and be in agreement with what HE desires because all that HE desires is good. We are satisfied and successful through CHRIST JESUS our LORD.

Give up all sin, give up every sin that weighs us down, and give up all those secret sins that we all have dear heart. We are to become more aware of our SAVIOR day by day and to know intimately the power of HIS resurrection. Welcome the suffering as we become continually conformed to HIS death because we too are resurrected from the dead with HIM. Do not fret my precious ones for we who are conformed to the image of JESUS our GOD will have our bodies conformed as only HE can do. These bodies that we now have are no match for the bodies we will be given that will be glorious as HIS is for it is HIS power that enables HIM to bring everything under HIS authority. Even death HIS final enemy which will be destroyed.

*Do not be Conformed to this world but be Conformed into the image of CHRIST JESUS and be Transformed.

Romans 8:28-30, 12:2; Philippians 3:10, 21


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