Well it’s the last day of the year. Many of you maybe on vacation due to the celebration of CHRISTmas or you may be on vacation today in preparation of the coming year.

Today is a good day to reflect on the accomplishments we had during this current year. Actually everyday is a good day to reflect on our accomplishments. Today is a good day to reflect on the goals we set for ourselves that we for whatever reason did not pan out the way we expected. But it’s not a time for us to feel angry or disappointed about our failures. Failures are not a bad thing, it’s a learning curve. Accomplishments and failures take work. Without putting in the time; without putting in the planning; without putting in the action; we have failed without even trying. So to fail with a try is a learning curve.

For those of us who will witness another year in JESUS it’s a time to plan on how we will win souls to JESUS. Will it be with our character or our speech? For some it will be with both. For those of you who are lost today and will be lost tomorrow; this is your time to think about living another year without JESUS. Is it worth it; is this the day, month or year that JESUS will return and you do not belong to HIM?

Our work begins in our brain or imagination; if we have the ability to think of a plan, how it will work, then we can work the dream. We must visualize the dream and write down what we see; create the goals but they must be realistic so that you won’t be disappointed to the point that you are knocked down and refuse to get up. What is required to accomplish the goal/s? Is it school; training; mentorship; reading; what will you need to accomplish your goal/s? Many of you work a dead end job for you, the job in and of itself is not dead end. You are working only to pay the bills. This is not a life of fulfillment and you are unhappy. Because you are unhappy you have created an aura of unhappiness around you. Until you decide to chase your dream and work your dream you must work a job that you are not happy with. Until then…work enthusiastically for the LORD for you know that nothing you do for the LORD is ever useless. 1 Corinthians 15:58

You may work for a supervisor or manager that is difficult to work for. I say begin with you; you can’t change another but you can begin to change from within.

Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you are working for the LORD. The LORD has an inheritance for you that is your reward; the Master that you serve is the LORD. Colossians 3:23-24

GOD created all of us in HIS image; we are all different yet the same. What does that mean? You may have a dream that looks, sounds, taste, feel or smell as someone else’s dream but your dream is actually not the same. GOD has stored inside of you to work your dream differently than someone else’s dream. You may or may not require the same preparation as another; your dream may be the missing puzzle to another’s dream and in due time GOD will connect you so that when both dreams meet; there will be perfection.

You don’t need to compare yourself to another, each of us are responsible for our own conduct. Galatians 6:4-5

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