Is Trusting GOD the in thing

I’m so very tired of hearing people who profess to be Christians that any and all the bad things that are happening to them are the results of not being or doing what they knew to do either for others, themselves or GOD. I’m just not understanding how anyone can believe that a disease that they have been diagnosed with, an illness/sickness that is attacking their body is a punishment that comes from GOD. When I hear people speak in this manner it clearly informs me that they are religious and do not know GOD intimately through a personal relationship with HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS.

In the Old Testament, we see GOD as the GOD of Judgment only when people do not or have not done what they knew to do according to the Law of Moses. However, in the New Testament GOD is seen through JESUS CHRIST as being forgiving, full of grace, kind, loving, and merciful. You really need to think about the nature of GOD according to how JESUS presented HIM. And not according to what HE once did because of the Law of Moses which did not bend, nor direct, yet, killed.

The scriptures clearly inform us that it is satan who destroys, kills, and steals. What part of your body is or has been destroyed? Though you are breathing, you are not counted as one who is dead, however, your faith is being killed day by day with the way your heart thinks. And you are allowing satan to steal from you to love unconditionally, HIS unspeakable joy that you should possess even when all hell is surrounding you, that peace that can’t be comprehended by the natural mind, the patience to wait on GOD even when it appears that HE is not hearing you, kindness to everyone even those who are not loving, to exhibit the goodness of GOD in everything, to trust in the faithfulness of JESUS, to be gentle even when people are causing you great irritation, self-control to cast down every wicked imagination which rises within your heart/mind against what GOD said is so.

The title of this blog is called Is Trusting GOD the in thing because clearly, it’s not when our lives through our actions and our words go against the Word of GOD. I wrote a previous blog asking the question, do you trust GOD in everything? Faith is who we are by our actions and our words because as we think that is who we are. If you believe that you are sick then you are sick, if you believe that you can’t be or do then you can’t. JESUS told many in the scriptures who were laying on their beds to rise up and walk. These people did not see themselves able to get up and move but JESUS did. Sometimes, it will take the faith that JESUS has to move on our behalf, but it will always take our trust in HIM for HIM to operate.

Nineteen years ago my body began to turn against me. I have had some up and down moments over these past nineteen years. There was a time when my doctors told me to go home and get my affairs in order because there was no more they were able to do. I did two things because nineteen years ago I had the first of a few strokes and was completely blind and now I see with the same eyes I was born with. I loved that my doctors exhausted all their earthly knowledge because even in my weakened state I knew that the Holy Spirit was at work in me. I never gave up to all that was and is going on with the flesh of my body. I know that I need my flesh, but I do not consider it more important than my spirit or the Holy Spirit who resides within me. Whatever scriptures I knew that fit the circumstances I held on to those and kept them running through my thoughts and confessed them to myself and to others. The two things that I did upon returning to my home was type and print out the promises of GOD as to my healing, one of the print outs was taped in my direct eyesight since at that time I was bedridden. It read I will live and not die. I’m of light complexion and my color began to grow dark which was a sure sign that things do not look well for me. The other thing that I did was that I did follow through on what the doctors suggested and that was that I did get my affairs in order and I had to have a serious conversation with my mother and my children about what was going on. And, I assured them that I was not going to die before my one hundred and twentieth birth anniversary and that GOD reminds me that I will live and not die. GOD’s Word assures me that I am healed no matter how things look for me. Well, I was hospitalized and underwent surgery. When I was taken back to my room, my daughter noticed and exclaimed that my complexion was getting lighter. Once I awoke from the anesthesia completely, I had to use the commode. I was not allowed to walk or at least walk without assistance. I paid that no never mind because GOD was not going to allow me to fall. I walked to the water closet without assistance to and from. My family was amazed! Soon after the nurse came into the room to inform me that my doctors will be in soon to check on me. During their visit, they told me that they wanted me to get up and walk but not to do so without assistance. Once I informed them that I already got up and walked to the water closet without assistance and that there was no sign of pain, they were in disbelief. Daily my nurse came in to check the morphine pump and daily she would tell me to use the pump for pain. Daily I would tell them that I was not in pain and that I have been moving around the room and halls without any help from the staff. There was much disbelief because they knew just how bad the situation looked for me prior to surgery and most of the patients past and present do not move around without the help of others let alone avoid using the morphine pump. I was released early and have never suffered in my flesh to the degree that doctors thought I would die from. Today,  I experience much pain in my flesh daily and though I am categorized as being disabled. I have never allowed the pain I have lived with these nineteen years to stop me, yes, I have slowed down but I have not stopped the mission that GOD has set my feet to do. I don’t see myself as being disabled but ability challenged. I refuse to magnify what I look like.

I trust GOD because it’s my in thing. I act on what I know in GOD, I don’t speak what I see if it’s a negative thing that I see. I speak life into my being and will not cease to do so.

Also, we all have desires to live a certain way, surrounded by those things that we believe will make our life easier through comfort. And most of us do not possess those things that we would like to have for our enjoyment. GOD does not want to see us without those things that will bring us happiness, but we must trust HIM to provide us with those things. No matter how long it may take us to obtain what we want, know that GOD is a provider. HE has provided us with gifts and talents to use for HIS glory. HE has provided us with employment, but you have provided yourselves with jobs. It’s going to take a moment for you to get that. GOD has provided us all with the ability to earn finances, but it takes you to control what you have obtained. If you speak that you are broke, then you will remain so even though you earn wages. If you say that this is that, and what you are saying does not line up with GOD’s Word then it will be as you say. Life and death are in the power of our own tongue. We are to trust GOD because trusting in HIM is the in thing.

Just as we take our vehicle to the manufacturer, for example, you own a Rolls Royce, a Lincoln, a Chevy, and such. It is far better to take it to the dealership for maintenance rather than taking it to someone who is trained to repair vehicles but not necessarily your make. There is nothing wrong with the qualifications that a mechanic has it’s just that he/she has not been specifically trained to work on the type of vehicle from a specific manufacturer. They do not spend quality time performing on the maintenance of just one type of vehicle. Taking your Rolls Royce to a GMC dealer for maintenance will never give you the quality service expected. It’s the same with humankind, GOD is our manufacturer and only HE can provide the type of maintenance that is required to keep us running well.

This blog may not be in the same informative way that most of my blogs have been published for you to read. I wanted to just chat with you about our need to trust GOD no matter our understanding, no matter what our circumstances look like and no matter how foolish we may appear to those who don’t know the true and living GOD. Never count GOD out because HE just may choose to reveal that which we need from HIM in the final seconds of the situation. We may be knocked down, but we are not knocked out. Things may appear hopeless but don’t give up, don’t give in. Allow GOD to show HIMself in everything going on in our lives. Trust GOD because it is the in the thing, trusting GOD is ultracool, learn to walk by faith, the faith of JESUS and not by our sight. Seeing is a fickle sense because everything that we see is temporary but the things that we don’t see are everlasting.

CHRIST JESUS is the full package of being Grace and Truth because they came/come by HIM. So, trust in HIM because trusting in HIM is the in thing.



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