I’m certain that most if not all of the readers of this blog have witnessed the deposit of a deceased person in the grave [the ground], or an entombment [crypt]. Another type of burial is those who have been committed to the water the dead bodies who are buried in the deep. And lastly the one that we all need to practice is to forgive and forget, to hide in oblivion, we should no longer experience the negative emotions that occurred due to an offense by another. And should, we remember the offense, the pain and the sting that we once experienced should no longer be present in our soul. We must bury the injury and once we bury anything that we hide [bury] it is concealed by covering.

Today, the only thing that I will write about is the burial of JESUS CHRIST and how we too are to be buried [the old sinful nature].

Many Christians are secret Disciples of CHRIST JESUS. This means that they secretly believe in HIM but live their lives as though they know nothing about HIM. There are many Christians who allow their fear of what others may think of them keep them from living in CHRIST freely. They skulk around in the dark much like Nicodemus who only came and sat with JESUS in the night to learn of HIM. None the less Joseph and Nicodemus took the body of JESUS, anointed, wrapped, and buried HIM in an unused tomb that was owned by Joseph. It was honed perfectly for the body of Joseph but not JESUS. Not only that, JESUS did not remain in that tomb.

Okay, this is what each and every brother and sister in the body of CHRIST must consider. We are dead to sin and alive to GOD and that old sinful nature must be buried never to arise again. When we willfully continue to sin and practice the habits of sin we are going back to the grave and pulling what is dead out of the grave. None of us should be doing this, yet, it’s commonly done. Why is this so? Because those of us who live in this manner are ignorant of the fact that we have been baptized [buried] into CHRIST JESUS. This baptism, this burial is in HIS death. And just as CHRIST JESUS rose from the dead through the glory and power of the FATHER we also must walk in the newness of our sinless nature. We must abandon our old nature just as we abandon our loved ones, our associates, and friends when they are interred into their grave be it in the ground, in the tomb or in the deep of the water. We must realize that we have become one with CHRIST JESUS, we are permanently united in HIM. We have stepped into the likeness of HIS death so most certainly we like HIM have been resurrected to life in HIM. Our old sinful nature which was void of the Holy Spirit was nailed to cross just as JESUS CHRIST was nailed to that cross. This is so that we no longer will continue to be slaves to the father of sin and sinful practices. Because when we have died with JESUS we are then freed from the power of sin and made alive in CHRIST JESUS.

So, how are we to know that CHRIST JESUS is alive? We know by these facts:

  1. We heard and have the Good News of salvation
  2. This Good News was welcomed and accepted so we stand by faith
  3. By faith, we are saved, reborn from above without human effort as we were born before
  4. We are spiritually transformed
  5. We are renewed in CHRIST JESUS
  6. We are set apart for the purpose of CHRIST

We are not half-hearted Christians who believe in CHRIST externally but not internally because the Good News and CHRIST were not allowed to penetrate into the heart of those who profess CHRIST but not possess CHRIST. They have no complete commitment in HIM. CHRIST died for the sins of all in this world. JESUS CHRIST was buried. CHRIST JESUS rose from the grave not in spirit but with HIS precious body three days from the day of HIS crucifixion. We have the witness statements of many beginning with Peter AKA Cephas; the next to see HIM were HIS twelve disciples minus one because Judas who betrayed HIM had committed suicide so, in essence, Judas did see CHRIST JESUS when HE preached to the dead. CHRIST JESUS was also seen by more than five hundred brothers and sisters at one time. Then CHRIST was seen by James and lastly by Saul AKA Paul.

So, now that we have the witness testimonies of over five hundred fifth-teen who have testified that they have seen the risen CHRIST JESUS we can believe and have hope. But even if we don’t believe that, we have the testimonies of millions who have seen the risen CHRIST, not as our former witnesses have provided us with testimony but because it is impossible for anyone to change their mind and to walk or run from sin without CHRIST. Many have witnessed the transformation of those who profess and possess CHRIST living within them. JESUS CHRIST was crucified and buried but what is most miraculous and that by which we have our hope is that CHRIST JESUS got up and walked out of the tomb of which HE was buried. So, my dear sisters and brothers discontinue the habitual lifestyle of sin, just as we changed our minds and turned our hearts to CHRIST JESUS initially continue to change the mind and crucify along with burying that nature in the power of CHRIST who is the only One who can provide us with true and complete life in HIM. Lastly, do not visit the burial site as many do who do not understand that their loved one is not there. Once they breathed their last breath the real individual departed that encasing of the flesh. Live freely in CHRIST who no longer is buried but is alive.

Jhn. 19:38-42; Rom. 6:1-8; 1 Cor. 15:3-8; Colossians 2:11-13; Ref. Ps. 16:10; Eph. 4:9-10; Mt. 27:52-53


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